One of the easiest ways of promoting your website, service or product on the Internet is completely free. This free method can drive traffic to your websites, increased sales and double or triple your current income.

What is it? Articles. One of the easiest, most sure fire ways to increase traffic to your website is through writing, submitting and placing articles on your website.

How does this happen?

First, you’ll need to write relevant articles about your website and submit them to article directories. These article directory submission sites are completely free and have tons of traffic. It’s easy to do, takes little to no time and can increase website visitors, and in turn, sales of your product or service.

Boost traffic and increase income through article writing?

Yes. Free content sites will take your article and place a link back to your website. Because it’s such a high traffic site, it gets tons of readers. They’ll read your article, and if they like it they will click on the link at the bottom and visit your site.

Your article submissions are also available so that other webmasters can publish your work on their website. At the bottom of every article that a webmaster uses will be your link, which increases traffic to your site.

As your list of published articles expands more and more of them will be picked up by webmasters and put on their various sites. The total number of link backs to your website increases exponentially. As this happens, major search engines take notice and a place more and more significance for the incoming links to your website and your site grows in importance.

As you get more incoming links to your website, search engines will list you higher and higher as a more important site. This increases your website’s placement in the search results.

When visitors arrive at your site, they will see articles that you have written about your specific topic. They will also see any products or services that you are promoting. Even browsing visitors will return, if your site is interesting, how full and useful. So, writing articles that are also placed on your website is a good business decision.

Most people visit the site with a specific problem or question on their mind. When they search on the specific keyword or key phrase, they have something on their mind and are looking for information that will answer their question. If you are listed high in the search results, chances are they’ll stumble upon one of your articles, read it and come to your site, because they felt that the article was beneficial to them. When they arrive, they will see everything that you’re promoting, and the products which are selling. All of this is free and easy to do.

Search engine results are made up of websites that are indexed and listed in their database. They also list the published articles and will index an article that is relevant and on-topic, that’s on your website. When someone arrives to read the article, they are already interested in what it has to say.

This translates into a traffic funnel the costs you nothing to maintain. It just takes time and effort to write articles and the knowledge of where to get them published, so that search engines take notice.

That’s one of the big reasons that so many webmasters are shortening up their old writing skills and taking some time to write articles that arose in to their niche, as another way to promote their products and services.