Upon viewing a painting barely an inch form our face, we are unable to appreciate what is in it, what may be painted or anything else in the painting, however, by moving back further, we will have a better view of the entire work.

Eventually we all reach a point in our lives when we are indeed ready for change, and then search for the information to assist us in unlocking our power of self improvement. Until we reach this point, the answer may be staring us right in the face and still we do not recognize it. It is generally, when things become worse that we consider unlocking the power of our self improvement. For instance, consider the Frog principle:

Place in a pot of boiling water, Frog A. What is the result? He will twerp and then jump away. Why? Because he cannot tolerate the sudden environmental change or the water temperature. Now place Frog B in lukewarm water and then turn up the heat, while you wait for the water to boil.
Frog B will sit there thinking, Hmmm, it is getting warmer…

Generally humans are much like Frog B.

For instance, Michelle thinks John hates her, tomorrow, Bob tells her he cannot stand her. Anna prods along just the same without heeding her friends words. The next day, she finds out that Nancy and Susan abhor her as well. It takes an entire community to find fault in Michelle, before she recognizes the importance of her need for self improvement.

Experiencing pain teaches us lessons, when things begin to become unbearable that we finally notice the signals and warning signs. For example, when do we cease consuming candy and sweets? When we loose all our teeth. When do we decide to diet? When our clothing no longer fits. When do we cease smoking? When our lungs are irreparably damaged. When do we finally pray for help? When we find ourselves dying.

When the whole world comes tumbling down, generally is the time we learn what it is, we need to do, to unlock our powers of self improvement. We think and feel this way since, change does not come easy. However, change becomes more painful as we ignore it.

Whether we like it or not, change will come. Eventually, we all experience the need for change, this will help us to unlock our power of self improvement. It is not because our family and friends nag us or that the world says we should, however, we change when we realize it is in our own best interest.

Happy individuals embrace change, rather than just accepting it. You do not have to experience the pressure of heat to realize your need for self improvement.

Unlocking your power of self improvement means unlocking your cage of thoughts about who you are, which is a poor excuse of people who resist or fear change. Many of us program our minds, much like computers.

Marcie tells everyone repeatedly that she is uncomfortable in large crowds. She has heard her family and teachers tell the same things about her to others. This is what Marcie believes, this is her story.

What happens?

Every time a large group would gather, whether at home, school and the community, she is more apt to shy away, step back or be found in her room. Marcie not only believed her story, she lived it daily.

Realizing that she is not what she seems in her story would be best. Rather than having her story repeated to all she knows to note and remember, she must search in her spirit to show other she is an important person, and should be treated accordingly. She must first realize this in herself.

So what if self improvement is not your favorite word. Looking at your life from a higher perspective, you will find better opportunities of benefiting while enjoying the full process, rather than summing up the hours of complete improvement. Whether your sessions a week at the gym brings you healthy living, reading books rather than watching porn shapes a much more insightful intelligence or even joining friends or family, while relaxing after work. This is when your realize you are enjoying the process of unlocking your power of self improvement, when you find yourself becoming happy and lighthearted.