What is affiliate marketing? Quite simply it is selling products that belong to someone else. They go to all the trouble of creating the software, service or digital products and you get to sell it! You make lots of money for zero work, what could be better than that?

Affiliate marketing is an agreement between the person developing the product and anyone who willing to sell the product. The developer is known as the affiliate merchant and the seller is the affiliate marketer. This is a win/win situation for both parties. The affiliate merchant wins by increases their money by only having to pay for advertising. The affiliate marketer wins by getting a commission on products he did not make or will he have to guarantee.

Your payments will all depend on the terms of service agreement. Each affiliate program can be set up different. Some people manage their own affiliate programs. They use computer programs to set up the affiliate marketer’s assigned link. This link helps promote the product and sales can be tracked. The affiliate marketer will then be paid at specified intervals using payment methods such as paypal.

Selecting products or services

How much you will make is linked directly to the product you choose. The size of your commission is dependent on the affiliate merchant you decide to work with. Choose a product or a program that you will not be ashamed to take home to mama. Besides, it is hard to sell products that you do not believe in.

The best type of product to be involved with is one you know something about. For example, a cleaning product you already use in your home. This way your sales ads will flow naturally and not be strained. Do not ever work with a company that offers you no assistance. They should have at least minimal training and sales tools such as links and banners.

Finally watch for affiliate programs with commissions of at least 50%. In addition, concentrate on companies that pay on different levels. Many companies have it set up for multilevel marketing. This will allow you to be paid on the initial sale and then receive residual income if that buyer then becomes an affiliate.