What Were You Doing on 9/11/2001?

Today is the 7th anniversary of the September 11th attacks on America.

I was in highschool when I heard the news, we ended up watching it all unfold on CNN.

I remember being scared, angry and wondering what would happen to this country.

My thoughts go out to the victims of this tragedy.

Where were you and what where you doing when you found out about 9/11?

Leave a comment below and let us know.


  • will

    Reply Reply September 11, 2008

    I was in bed (Australia) and didn’t find out until when I woke up which was after it had all happened. Can you believe I slept through it?!

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  • Tim

    Reply Reply September 11, 2008

    I had that day off from work and was watching Sportscenter when they said one of the towers had been hit. I then switched to one of the news channels and watched everything unfold.

  • Ian del Carmen

    Reply Reply September 11, 2008

    I came from a TV shoot and was watching CNN in the morning. Was so shocked at the repeatedly playing of the Twin Tower collapsing on TV!

    2 days after, my son Ruiz was born. Sept 13th. His site is http://WhatMyPapaToldMe.com

    Then I bought the documentary “9-11” to own a copy for him so he sees what happened 2 days before he was born…

    Ian del Carmen

  • Sonja

    Reply Reply September 11, 2008

    I was in the car on my way to the courthouse when the first plain hit the tower.
    In the courthouse we all stood in the hallways watching things unfold on the tv’s until they evacuated the courthouse for fear that it would be hit as well.
    With such a horrific event as 9/11 you just can’t forget what you were doing the day our country changed forever……

  • Chad Flick

    Reply Reply September 11, 2008

    I was recovering from back surgery. I happened to catch it from the beginning.

  • Karen

    Reply Reply September 11, 2008

    I was living in the UK at the time, my husband was stationed at Navy Headquarters Europe. It felt like a dream, and I was hoping that I would wake up and it would be. Unfortunately it wasn’t. We lost a lot of friends at the Pentagon as well as the towers.

    We will never forget 09-11-01

  • Paul

    Reply Reply September 11, 2008


    I was getting ready for work when I received a phone call from my father-in-law telling my wife and me about the first plane crash at the first tower. I turned on my TV and recall watching as the second plane hit. After arriving at my office, I was discussing the events with my then-boss, and our secretary came into his office to tell us about the Pentagon crash. My boss exclaimed, “What is going on?” And I simply said that we are under attack.

    After work, I arrived home to find my then 6-year old son in a depressed mood, and with wisdom far beyond his years, he told me, “Dad, I don’t want to have my birthday today because I am saddened about all those people losing their lives…”

    You see, my oldest son’s birthday is today, and he turns 13. And I am proud of him, because of his heart for others!

    My response to him that day was that this will always be his birthday, and that he can always remember the people who died, and the brave heroes who gave their lives in service helping to rescue others as well.

    Thank you, Reed, for another great post, especially one that reaches beyond the years.


  • tap

    Reply Reply September 11, 2008

    I was driving my son to school, and immediately turned around and went home. I knew instantly that we were being attacked. Was glued to the tv for days, cried for the thousands. Like all New Yorkers, forever changed by it.

  • Gort

    Reply Reply September 11, 2008

    Just after the first plane hit, my wife called to let me know that she had car trouble and was stranded on the side of a highway close to our home. When the second plane hit, I had just found out the timing chain had broke and the engine was trashed. Helps remind you of what is important and what is not.

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  • BJ

    Reply Reply September 11, 2008

    I had just left for work, I dropped my son off at daycare, decided to turn on the radio and stop in my tracks on the side of the road listening in disbelief. You see I live in NY only an hour away from NYC. I called the daycare which by now was on lock down, all the schools were on lock down, so I knew my children were safe, at least I prayed so. I immediately called my Mother to find out the whereabouts of my father, who had ust retired and decided to go into the city that day to take a computer class at the Empire State Building, I am so sure which was one of there intended targets.
    Of course no one could get in touch with anyone at that point. ‘ALL CIRCUITS WERE BUSY’.
    I worked for a TV station so as a producer we were just glued to the monitors. We are in the area of 3 major airports and our station was put on ‘lock down as well’, just in case they decided they needed a place to hold hostages.
    Needless to say this day is forever etched deeply in my mind, our mayor at the time lost her husband down there as well as classmates of my daughter lost family members.

    No I will never, ever forget! I pray we never as a nation ever experience anything like that again and God will protect all of us daily.

  • T.M. Harris

    Reply Reply September 11, 2008

    I was in my 2nd year of college before I dropped out. I remember, I had a hangover from the night before, and my frat brothers came rushing in my room to tell me about what was going on.

    I initially thought my father was up there, because he worked in NYC…but thanks be to God, he took the day off. The man never takes a day off, and the one day he did…was the best decision he ever made.

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  • Rob Canyon

    Reply Reply September 11, 2008

    I was in a clients office. Because we had no TV, instantly when someone called we thought is was a hollywood stunt.

    2 minutes later when we checked cnn.com

    All of a sudden everything got real quiet when we saw what had happened…

    It sure got us thinking about the safety of our families in a real hurry…

  • Ben Cope

    Reply Reply September 11, 2008

    My first daughter was born at 4am on September 11, 2001 … I was at the hospital holding the most beautiful and peaceful little girl in the world while watching the most horrific and unimaginable tragedy on the TV.

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  • john

    Reply Reply September 11, 2008

    I was trading stocks and watching CNBC. I called my wife in to see the news. As we watched, we witnessed the second plane hit. We new it wasn’t an accident. My wife began to cry and we held each other as the commentators started to address the situation. Over the next week, we came together as a country as we haven’t for many generations. We were all Americans-not Republicans or Democrats. I had been in a dispute with my neighbor, but suddenly all was forgotten. Flags started appearing on cars, yards, etc. We were united.

    Unfortunately, since that time, we have become jaded. Some idiots even think 9/11 is a conspiracy. 9/11 matters. We shouldn’t forget it, we need to defend against a similar event in the future.

  • Work From Home Tips

    Reply Reply September 11, 2008

    I was at work when I first heard about the attack. Everyone crowded into the main conference room to see the news, because it was impossible to access any of the news sites on the web. It was a terrible day and one that must not be forgotten! My prayers go out to the families and friends of the victims of this terrible attack.

    Never Forget!

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  • Patricia Reszetylo

    Reply Reply September 11, 2008

    I was working in the Wal-Mart shoe department. I remember being very angry about it, because I knew we were being told mis-truths about the events, alhtough I did’t know what they were at the time. I just kept saying to myself “It’s WRONG”. Now I know many of the lies we were told that day – but of course, there is nothing anybody can do about it.


    Reply Reply September 11, 2008

    I was at home when I heard the news on Broadcasting Corporation of Oyo State Yoruba radio programme in the afternoon. is there any assistance for me on my opportunity to be one of the beneficiary of 2008/2009 America Visa Lottery in which I wish to join you in America by next year.

    Raji Ayobami Akeem

  • Henry Griner

    Reply Reply September 11, 2008

    I remember the morning at my office where I worked in Becker, Minnesota as the I.T. Manager for a large furniture retailer. Our company server room was next to my office and I had a TV monitor on a shelf in the server room that I could see from my desk. In those days that TV was usually turned off. Early that morning a lady in the accounting office near my office rushed in saying that someone had just phoned her to tell her about an airplane that had just flown into one of the World Trade Center Twin Towers.

    You can read the rest of my story on my blog.


  • Jason W

    Reply Reply September 11, 2008

    I arrived at work and was just logging into the computer when a woman I worked with came running down the hall screaming, “Did you see it? Can you believe it?!!” I had been listening to a CD in my car and we had no TV in our offices, so I stated no and asked what she was talking about? She frantically told me, “They’ve attacked us!” as she tried to get an outdated radio to work.

    I helped her get the radio set up and the news sources started repporting on what had just happened in NYC. Another co-worker brought in a rabbit-ear TV and we all watched throughout that day.

    I remember thinking, I can’t believe this has happened. Especially not on American soil. Why? Why? Why?

  • Jose Camacho

    Reply Reply September 11, 2008


    I was in my beautiful beach front apartment in Puerto Rico sleeping when they called me from work. “Jose, turn on the TV on channel ? Get ready, report to work ASAP!”

    Yes, I was Active Duty with the Air Force so days after that I was deployed to the USA, Bahrain, S/Arabia and Irak.

  • Tracy

    Reply Reply September 11, 2008

    I was actually watching the “Today” show that morning and saw the horrific events as they unfolded.

    While I didn’t personally have any family in New York, I cried my eyes out for all those who were lost that day.

    It is a day I will never forget. God be with those that lost loved ones on that fateful day. My heart is with you.


  • Tacs

    Reply Reply September 11, 2008

    One of the worst days of my life Reed, I was beta testing some new code when i got the cnn news flash of the first tower right after it got hit. At that time i flipped on the big screen and about 30 minutes later i witnessed the second tower get hit. I almost fainted right then and there. I like everyone else mourned the lives lost on that day. It will be a day that will never be forgotten. Many lives were lost and many heros were made on that day. May God Bless each and every one.


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  • Kevin McDaniel

    Reply Reply September 11, 2008

    I work my day jod for Delphi a mojor automotive parts OEM and was on a business trip over in Barcelona Spain. It was a holiday there so my boss and myself had been working on out computers in our hotel rooms when I saw the news of the first plane crash on BBC news. While I called my boss in his room they showed the second plane. We tried for over 15 hours to get a hold of our families back in the US (Michigan). We had to stay an extra week and a half to get a plane flight back to the states since our flight on that following Sat had been canceled. God Bless the USA and the FREEDOM for which it stands.

  • Norm

    Reply Reply September 11, 2008

    Astonishment is where I was on the day of 9/11/2001, for I was seeing what I had previously envisioned when I had seen my premonition of the planes hitting the twin towers when I was on University Ave. in 1958 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
    Now, I recall that it was just like Pearl Harbour: a planned event.
    As long as (we) the mindless masses continue to allow ourselves to be satisfied with mere ‘thinking’, we’ll continue on our ever-increasing grand scales of killing, maiming, raping and pillaging one another for who-knows-how-long. Glimmers of hope are that more people will read Eckhart Tolle’s book: “The Power of Now”. Our ONLY HOPE as a species is to Grow Up into: AWARENESS !!!
    ……… Luv You all, …….
    …. but, I’m Detached With Love,over here, harmonizing with Divine Universe, and happier than I’ve ever been in all my years. How’s THAT for Awareness. Try it. You’ll like It!
    Most of all, I’m in Joyful Gratitude for Your listening to me, and So Much More. It is a Wonderful Place to BE. Life Is Wonderful and Today Is the First Day of The Rest of Life, and I Am Truly Enjoying It.
    I Know This: Benevolence Is Existence and Existence Is Benevolence.


    Norm Abbott

  • Bob Sherk

    Reply Reply September 11, 2008

    Doris and I were in Micky Gilley’s theater
    in Branson,MO and I had just purchased a beautyfull red,white,and blue neck tie and
    the girl that was takeing my money pointed to
    the TV and said look at that. I can remember
    saying who in the world would do something like
    that? They are insane.

  • Dora Kok

    Reply Reply September 11, 2008

    I was having some friends over for dinner and when they arrived at 7:00PM,(Malaysia time) they quickly told me to turn on the TV saying some building in N.Y. was burning for they only caught the news from their car radio on the way to my house. When I turned on my TV set and discovered that it was the World Trade Center in flame, I was too shocked for words. My thoughts immediately went back to seven years ago when I was working in the World Financial Center where Dow Jones was and every morning I took the RR train to work and the train would stopped at World Trade Center where I got off and walked inside the World Trade Center to my office. I just could not help thinking what if I were still there then. My sympathies went to the victims’ families and I called up some of my friends who were still working there to see if they were alright.

  • Vicki Hale

    Reply Reply September 11, 2008

    I was working in a call center. A client put me on hold, and instead of muzak, I was hearing a radio news broadcast, saying something unintelligible about the World Trade Center and second plane or something. When I was off the call I googled CNN breaking news and found out all about it online. I regret watching the televised news coverage on CNN, since they just kept playing the crash over and over, milking the tragedy for the ratings they could get. I’ve since sworn off watching any and all news on television (except – occasionally – the Weather Channel, but only when they aren’t gushing about some deadly storm headed our way, as if they can’t wait for their ratings to go up when people die! erg….)

  • Hj.Harith Hj.Hamid

    Reply Reply September 11, 2008

    +By the date mentioned, I was working as usual strolling on the Street of Bandar Seri Begawan, as U.S.Embassy Surveillance Detection Unit. I was a great surprise to us all including our Regional
    Surveillance Officer, who he himself is an American. A few hours ago, he gave us an order to
    always alert (color red). The tragedy seemed as if he got a signal from his Superior. Now I am no more working with U.S.Embassy. I like this Government, good compensation plan, fair law and
    so on.etc.

  • Pelle

    Reply Reply September 11, 2008

    Isnt it strange how we percectly well can recall what we did in a certain time? Even if its like 25 years ago?
    I live in Sweden, and I know exactly what I did when the cabled the news that Olod Palme was murdered. I was at the town square, selling bullshit jewelry to the crown…lol
    (Olof Palme was the Prime Minister of sweden back in the 80:s.
    9/11 2001, I was in the bedrum doing the “after-loundry” work. (Putting it all back in the closet) I turned on the Tele to have som company, and there it was….I couldn’t believe me eyes.

  • Anna Weber

    Reply Reply September 11, 2008

    I was on my way to work when my life partner called and told me what had happened. I continued in to work and someone had pulled out a small television set, around which we all gathered and watched – with a sense of disbelief of which I have never experienced.

    I remember thinking it as being surealistic – NOT in our America! I felt as though everything for which I believe we stand had been violated.

    In the days following, however, I remember being very proud to be an American because we all rallied round in support of those who had suffered, and in some ways, I think we became a stronger nation, more unified somehow through this tragedy… through the loss.

    Here we are, seven years later, and through the actions of the truly courageous – life continues, as enriched as we will allow.

  • Dave

    Reply Reply September 11, 2008

    I was in the waiting room at my lawyers office waiting to see him and the TV was on. The station cut from regular programming to show tape of the firstplane hitting the towers then a live shot of the second plane. I hollored to the receptionists about what was happeinig and within minutes all the staff, lawyers, secretaries and clients gathered in the waiting room to watch the replays and we collectively said prayers for the victims, both in the planes and the ones in and arround the towers.

    I also had a friend who was travelling to Vancouver at that time. We live in a small Canadian city on the Great Lakes and to get to Vancouver you had to catch a small plane at 6 am , fly to Toronto, then change Planes for the trip west to Vancouver. Well that is what she did only to end up back in aur city when the FAA grounded all the flights in basically North America. She was doubally affected that day because her inlaws were on a bus tour of New York and a trip to the towers was on their itinerary, but she was unsure of the date, it was either Sept. 10, 11 or 12. She spent several anxious hours unti she heard from them saying they were safe. they were in the towers and at the top at 9:00 AM on the 10th, the day before. They were to be there on the 11th but changed their plans at the last minute. Was it luck or devine intervention.

  • Pelle

    Reply Reply September 11, 2008

    *lol* I also cannot spell….

  • Diana Sabrain

    Reply Reply September 11, 2008

    What was I doing? : A BIG CHANGE

    At 13 years old, this day crippled my family. My dad went bankrupt because he had shares in the WTC.

    We lost everything and had to move in a 1 room apartment with all 6 of us cramming in it. My siblings and I had to sleep on the floor every night and survived on canned sardines. Not to mention a sudden need to adapt with lifestyle change. From $20 pocket money to $2.

    I believe this a blessing in disguise as 9/11 made me want to make a difference in my life and others’. It had made me a more driven, appreciative and independent person.

    At 17, I started my first business and never looked back because I wanted a better life for my loved ones and shower them with whatever that makes them happy before it’s too late.

    With that said, this is nothing compared to all the victims of 9/11 and their families. My prayers goes to them.

  • thomas whalen

    Reply Reply September 11, 2008

    I was at work when I heard the news on the radio. I thought the whole country was possibly under attack. My nephew joined the army a short time after 911 and was sent to Iraq. He is gone forever on account of that fateful day. God bless you Jamie, I miss you so much!

  • Rivers Corbett

    Reply Reply September 11, 2008

    A Canadian View of the Tragedy

    I was in a pub having a meeting…yes…a real meeting..smile. I remember the big screen tv being on and me saying..”Oh my God…another plane just crashed into the other tower.”

    Our entire country was very saddened what happened to our neighbours south of our border. We may have “cultural” differences between our countries but there was no difference in feeling our sadness and shock for this useless tragedy.

    God Bless America!

    Rivers Corbett

  • Gary Calvert

    Reply Reply September 11, 2008

    I was up early as I was headed to Austin, TX for a dot com bankruptcy auction that I was supposed to preview. Needless to say, my flight was grounded and I stayed glued to the TV (CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, etc..) all day long.
    I never went to bed and ended up driving the six hours to Austin and bidding on much of the equipment in the blind (without the benefit of having inspected it).
    I had attended several of that auction companies sales in Austin (and across the country) and there were usually a couple of thousand people in attendance. The auction on 9/12 probably had fewer than two hundred people because everyone was still in shock over what had happened.
    It was kind of strange making the drive down. There was no morning rush hour traffic as I passed through Dallas at 8am. Interstate 35 between Dallas and Austin was nearly deserted. Very surreal…

  • Pat Marcello

    Reply Reply September 11, 2008

    I had just come back from taking my daughter to school, and my husband said, “A bomb went off in the World Trade Center.”

    So, we were watching as the talking heads speculated on all the things that could have happened. One said, “Someone said a plane hit the WTC.”

    And then, we watched the second plane approach the second building and hit it.

    It was like, “Whoa! That didn’t just happen.”

    But it did.

    God bless all those people inside who lost their lives that day and all the people who are gone because of the plane hitting the Pentagon. But most of all to their wives, husbands, children, and families.

    Hell came to earth that day. We can hope that we never see such tragedy again. But it would be naive to think so.


  • Christy Bleicher

    Reply Reply September 11, 2008

    I was in Vegas and knew we were under attack by terrorists (even knew who the group was) and knew this will be a long, long war. I’m thankful for President Bush for keeping us safe the last 7 years. He has and I wish I could tell you how I know that but I can’t…Now I am a retired federal security specialist and Thank God to OUR MILITARY for doing their job!

  • Maxine Hough

    Reply Reply September 11, 2008

    I was at home getting ready to go to work when I caught it on the news. I remember feeling shocked and sick inside, then I wept. I still weep whenever I see footage to this day, it’s still just so incredible that something like that could’ve happened in our country! My heart goes out to the families who lost loved ones that terrible day and I pray that God continually watch over and protect our nation.

  • Robert

    Reply Reply September 11, 2008

    I lived in New York City at the time of the attack on the World Trade Center. I lived in a high rise apartment building not far from the WTC. I stood on my balcony in terror as I watched the tragic and devastating events unfold. I could not believe what my eyes were seeing as I saw the WTC crumbling to the ground. To this day, I have not gotten over all the feelings and emotions that are etched so vividly in my mind. I also lost a very dear friend of mine who was trapped in one of the towers. I’ve been through many tough ordeals in my life but I must say that 9/11/2001 was the most horrific day of my life. My prayers go out to all those people who were affected by the events of that day.

  • David B.

    Reply Reply September 11, 2008

    I was busy coping with the awful Foot and Mouth disaster here in the U.K.It was quite a surreal day a warm autumn Tuesday we forgot the crisis and took the dogs to check on our beef herd.I actually said to my wife “you wouldn’t think there was anything wrong in the world on such a beautiful day”.Thinking of our own situation not knowing if our cattle would be saved.

    When we saw the devastation and horror of the Twin Towers attack later on Sky News my wife and i were deeply shocked and saddened.This put our crisis into perspective and we both felt for the families suffering this terrible ordeal.
    We have since changed our life but always remember that “surreal Tuesday”.

  • Joseph N.

    Reply Reply September 11, 2008

    I was in the middle of an Economics class in college. Our instructor walked in, and started crying. I actually thought she just got fired. She said the United States was under attack. We laughed.

    She didn’t say much else, but told us to go to the lunch room and watch it on TV. When I got there, there was about 20 other people there. Five minutes later, the second plane hit.

    Of course, most classes were immediately cancelled so we could watch. No one spoke, just watched in horror.

    After a while the first tower began to fall. We saw a couple of people fall from the tower. It was so hard to watch. It could not have been real….but it was.

    Then the second tower fell.

    I don’t really remember too much after that, because I was virtually numb. Our lives would never be the same.

    They say “Life goes on”…I sure wish I knew how life will be like in the future, if I live to see it.


  • Gary Bacchetti

    Reply Reply September 11, 2008

    I was getting ready to short the ES, turned on CNBC to catch Mark Haines announce fair value when all hell broke loose.

    My eyes were glued to the TV in disbelief. My employees ran into my office having heard it on the radio.

    At first, we thought it was a freak accident. When plane-2 hit, then the incident with 3 and 4 – that’s when fright really set in.

    I closed our office, went home and sat glued to the TV the next 24 hours.

    It was horrible.

  • Richard

    Reply Reply September 11, 2008

    I was asleep at the time, hving been working on an all-nighter.

    The news came as a waking nightmare. Suddenly we were all too aware how easily fanatics can destroy our peaceful co-existence.

    I have yet to find any faith that encourages violent action against the innocent, but sadly there are those (from all beliefs) who will distort those beliefs for their own ends.

    We must all do our bit to encourage co-existence of all non violent neliefs, but remain ever watchful for the fanatic fringe.

  • Mc Internet Marketing

    Reply Reply September 11, 2008

    Hi Reed,

    I was working from home that day. I went to get a cup of coffee from the kitchen. On the way through the living room I turned on the news. I stood there with my jaw hanging open for the next few hours.

  • Kate Loving Shenk

    Reply Reply September 11, 2008

    I had just been to a Nursing Conference at the hospital where I was working at the time, and at 9 am, was waiting in line for a cup of coffee.

    A gentleman in line ahead of me told all of us the news–that 2 planes had just hit the Twin Towers in NY.

    From there we had to see patients all day, and for some odd reason, the clinic was packed. Not one person missed an appointment that day.

    When the one plane was reported missing, a rumor spread very quickly that the plane was headed for the Three Mile Nuclear Power Plant very near where we were seeing patients.

    I remember wanting to be at home with my husband and my dogs if I was going to die.

    I felt very alienated having to conduct business as usual.

    Kate Loving Shenks last blog post..Check Out “The Shift”–A Consciousness Shift, That Is

  • proson

    Reply Reply September 11, 2008

    Hi reed, well I was watching TV and having dinner my time, (it was about 21:00 at Hong Kong)

    and the news really shocked me! 2 aircrafts hit at the World trade center! it was really crazy thing… It is quite sad that someone out there believes this is kind of “holy war” and let them to enter the paradise. They were probably mis-leaded! Anyway.. we should spent a minute of silence and remember those who were killed in this tragedy.

  • Carrie Pierce

    Reply Reply September 11, 2008

    I was just heading to the travel agent to pick up airline tickets for a business trip- to NYC- when my mother called. She was sobbing.
    I’ll never forget her words ‘We’ve been attacked and I just can’t bring myself to tell you what they’ve used as weapons…’
    After she sobbed out the words ‘airplanes loaded with innocent people..’ I became faint and nauseous and sank down on the bed holding the phone– trying to comprehend.
    That day was a horrible fog for me, though I recall watching it on the news all day and trying to make sense of it.

    I finally made myself go to the grocery store- and I remember how eerie it was. The streets of my town were empty-and the handful of people in them were all dazed and rather zombie-like.

    To this day I cry for the victims and their families… and for our great country.

    May we NEVER forget- and may we be forever vigilant in making sure this country stands safe and strong and proud…never again to endure such an awful thing.
    God Bless all the victims of 9-11 -and God Bless America.

  • Liz Nichols

    Reply Reply September 11, 2008

    I was at my office at the Iowa City Public Library at the time. Someone was watching TV in the conference room while taking a break and reported about the first tower being hit. From that point many of us watched the whole, awful sequence, from the time they began reporting on TV until the second tower fell.

    The rest of the day we’d wander in to the conference room any time we had free to see what was happening. I remember we were all concerned because our boss’s son was a freelance videographer in NYC and was supposed to be doing a shoot very near the towers that morning. It turns out, he got away from the area safely.

    I attended a prayer vigil that evening at our church. While that didn’t bring any more sense to it, it was calming and comforting.

    So much has changed in our country since that pivotal few minutes. Some of our freedoms are restricted as a result. Travel is more difficult. We’ve been at war for years. We still haven’t found all the leaders who perpetrated this. It’s like losing your innocence, and it happened to a whole country.

    Liz Nichols

    Liz Nicholss last blog post..Nickel Mania X– You’ll Hate Yourself If You Pass It Up

  • Peter

    Reply Reply September 11, 2008

    I was waiting in Emergency at our local hospital. My wife and I saw the first plan crash and assumed the pilot of a small aircraft had lost control. When we saw the second one the reality began to set in.

    As a Canadian I can best describe the feeling like seeing your big brother being beaten up. Sure you may have your arguements with him, but when it comes down to it, you feel his pain very deeply.

  • LeAnn

    Reply Reply September 11, 2008

    I was on my honeymoon. We lived in Jacksonville, Fl, but had gotten married in my home state of MN. The day before 9/11 we returned to our home in Florida and we awoke to a phone call from a friend. It was pure panic. At first everyone thought it was a bomb, then we turned on the tv and saw the plane crash. Everyone was so confused and terrified. Where should we go? This was supposed to be the best week of our lives… There was talk that Florida would be a target because of Disney and there were 2 airforce bases in our city. Luckily we were spared. It was a very sad day. One I will never forget.

  • Sylvan

    Reply Reply September 11, 2008

    I was in middle school, I think 8th grade. I could see the smoke from my school in Long island new york. All day I was wondering if my dad who worked at a hospital in the city was anywhere near the incident. I have a few fiends who lost their parents unfortunately.

  • Nightowl

    Reply Reply September 11, 2008

    Of course we all know it was an inside job.

    you do know that don’t you?

    watch Loose Change second edition.

    one of the designs of 911 was to make us sad and depressed for years to come.make everyone want war.

    today you are doing your part to fulfill that.

    watch loose cgange 2!


    it was promoting war.

    yes it was tragic
    yes i cried too.
    at my moms B-day dinner…

    because our Government just killed over 3,000 of us.and more to come at war in Afgan and Iraq.

    wake up people.

    weve been lied to for years.

    did anyone see V for Vendeta lastnight?







  • Jan

    Reply Reply September 11, 2008

    As I remember – I was at work when it happend and did’nt heard the news before I went home at 4 Pm (Danish time)

    Well, the first I think of was – WAUGH what a movie they had make – cut’n belive it was true, but after seeing it over and over again – finally I get it – it was real! Horrible.

  • jm

    Reply Reply September 11, 2008

    I was just about at the foot of the first one when the first plane hit, coming out of the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel on my bus.

    All the traffic came to a total halt, and after several minutes the bus was able to pull over and let us out.

    I started walking down toward Bowling Green to get a train uptown, in the opposite direction from the chaos on the ground and praying for my friends who worked there, who always complained that they worked a 45 min. lunch hour, and never had enough time to get down the elevators or stairs because it always took so long.

    I also had an uneasy feeling it was a terrorist incident, I had lived in Belfast for years and survived 7 bombings and something felt ‘off’.

    As I was walking, the second plane came from the south, screaming over my head, banked to the left, and crashed into the second tower.

    Everyone freaked and it was like a hollywood film, people steeplechasing over park benches to run away from the debris. By that time, the people in the first tower had already started to jump.

    A man grabbed me and said “My god, my sister works in there,” and started to run down the street toward the towers.

    I got to the train station, and the policemen herded us on the southbound train, telling us not to go to work, that Manhattan would have to be shut down.

    I got on the train back to brooklyn changed trains at pacific st and found a pay phone that worked. I phoned my stepdad to tell him i was all right, and to tell my mother.

    he was like, “What the hell are you talking about, are you crazy?”

    I told him what I had seen, that I had just come from there, and he ran to the TV and turned it on and said oh my god

    Meanwhile everyone behind me trying to use the phone because they had stpped them running into the city overheard what I had said, and it was pandamonium.

    the transit dept announcement service was telling lies about repairs in the tunnel from brooklyn to Manhattan, which of course did not explain why the trains were not going over the bridge. I just told everyone to go home, that it was too dangerous to go into the city.

    I got to my station, and called my boss, he was trapped on 125th st in the metro north train, i told him what had happened, same thing, “what are you, crazy?” all the people on the train heard him and he put me on speaker phone, then someone got an internet radio signal, and then thier train got turned around and headed north back out of the city.

    I was walking home when a woman ran out of her front door screaming ‘he’s all right, he’s all right!”

    apparently her husband worked in the twin towers, and had been in the first attack years before and never thought to call her. so i congratulated her and told her i had just been there and seen it.

    we were talking when all of a sudden she looked over my shoulder and said ‘oh my god,” as we watched Tower 2 crumple and fall.

    It is not anything I will ever forget and the sound of a jet engine still sets me off after what I saw that day.

    It was a terrible loss for all the families, the city, the world. The only thing I tell peopleis as bad as it WAS, it could have been SO much worse

    a-local elections that morning, a lot of people not at their desks because they had gone to vote

    b-first day of school, a lot of people not at their desks because they had gone to take their kids

    Thank god for that!

  • Nancy Boyd

    Reply Reply September 11, 2008

    Sept. 11, 2001, began as one of the most perfectly lovely days I have ever seen. The air was crisp and clear, the weather was gorgeous, and life felt good.

    I was on the phone coaching a client when I heard NPR in the background interrupt their regular programming for the announcement that a plane had just hit the WTC and that they would try to get more information.

    I asked my client if he had a radio on. He didn’t, so we continued. By 9 am we had finished and the news began broadcasting the reports.

    Another client was booked at 9 and I was late to the call because I wanted to get more information. When I finally did call her, she was in tears and told me she just couldn’t be on the phone with me because of what was unfolding.

    My partner was working in Manhattan that day and I tried to call her but the cell phone towers at that time were all on top of the WTC, and of course the phone lines were all jammed.

    It wssn’t until late in the afternoon that I first got the news that she was OK and trying to leave the area. Transportation was impossible, but she finally managed to get a bus to one of the northernmost train stations, and then out.

    I was never so happy to see someone safe and unharmed as on that day. So many didn’t make it out of the building, let alone out of town.

    The tears that were shed on that day — and since — were endless.

    Today, it’s a perfectly lovely day. The air is crisp and clear. The weather is gorgeous.

    More tears will not help what has changed with the world since this time 7 years ago.

    Our thoughtful and wise actions will.

    Beware those who would instill fear in you; they seek to gain power over you.

    Beware of those who claim to hold the only answer; life is more complex than that.

    The Powers-That-Be would have us behave like sheep. Resist the urge. We humans are smarter and stronger than that — and we simply must arise and reconnect with our hearts, even in the broken places, to heal what has been lost, and to invite what will make us all whole again.

    That is a challenge we who remain must accept!

    Nancy Boyds last blog post..More Work With Hurricane Ike Ahead

  • Lynne Lee

    Reply Reply September 11, 2008

    It was afternoon in the UK adn I was watching the news. I was preparing for my son’s 2nd birthday party and saw events unfold on the TV.

    Shortly after the 2nd plane hit – I had to go and pick up my other children from school, dazed, shocked and barely believing what I had just seen live.

    The following year my son was 3 and asked for a jumbo jet for his birthday!

    We’ve jsut clebrated birthday 9 and I am very thankful to be far remeioved form the horror. It isn’t csomehting I coudl ever forget.

    I’m amazed when I hear the conspirancy theories. How anyone could believe that the government would do that on purpose just so they could go to war is way beyond my understanding.

    My thougths are with all those whose lives were changed forever by that fateful day.

    Lynne Lee

    Lynne Lees last blog post..Article Marketing – How Can I make Money With Articles?

  • Joao Maia

    Reply Reply September 11, 2008

    I’m a sales executive at a South African IT Distributor. On that day I was still an assistant in the Marketing Department when I received an email from my brother that lives in Brazil with a clip of the first plane hitting the towers.
    My view of the world we live in, changed that day.
    My heart goes out to all Americans whose lives changed that day.

    Joao Maia

  • Joao Maia

    Reply Reply September 11, 2008

    I’m a sales executive at a South African It Distributor. On that day, I was still an assistant in the marketing department, when I received and email from my brother in Brazil with a clip of the first plane hitting The Towers.

    My view of the world we live in, changed that day.

    My heart goes out to all citizens of the world whose lives were changed that day.

  • Jocelyn Jensen

    Reply Reply September 11, 2008

    On this day 7 years ago, I went
    running for my computer as the
    second plane plowed into the
    World Trade Center.

    I knew I had online friends who
    had been affected by the tragedy,
    and was determined to do what I
    could to help.

    On the other side of the Atlantic,
    my then fiancee, now husband was
    doing the same. We estimate that
    between us, we hypnotized more than
    100 on that day, and lost track of
    the count on the following day, giving
    what grief and stress relief we could.
    Now seeing the, remembrances being observed nationwide, it all comes back, bringing a
    full heart, and anger to know that people
    still exist who would and could at a moment’s notice inflict this type of pain and terror
    on the innocent.

    God bless not only America, but all nations
    who hold dear the ideals of personal and cultural Freedom. May such Freedom continue
    for all who cherish it until the end of days!

  • Evan

    Reply Reply September 11, 2008

    I was in a Business English class when the professor got word of what was happening. All the televisions went on and the class watched everything unfold. I was thinking silently amongst all my peers, and now the draft begins. Thank you for all our brave soldiers who have fought for us to prevent that from happening. Thank you for making a difference in this uncertain and dangerous world. God bless our troops!

  • michael norris

    Reply Reply September 11, 2008


  • Kendra aka SpiritAlive

    Reply Reply September 11, 2008


    One of my first focuses that day.

    Connecting in with a larger purpose.

    Another place I put my attention.


    A third choice of focus.

    I was at my home office.

    I was honoring my dad’s birthday.

    It’s time to wake up.

    I give THANKS for life.

  • Djgeorgie

    Reply Reply September 11, 2008

    I remember 9/11/2001 as one cool summer day here in Bulgaria. It was around 4PM when I decided to switch my TV on. All channels wer rebroadcasting CNN and 5 minutes after I started watching, the first tower collapsed. Then I thought: “Oh God, what’s going on in this world today!”. I couldn’t believe that a terrorists had attacked NYC and especially WTC. My prayers goes to those victims died in the aftermath of this accident. I hope that the world will never ever experience such tragedy again.

  • john tanyishin

    Reply Reply September 11, 2008

    I was watching local news on my TV, it was at night over at Singapore.

    I thought it was a new hollywood movie at first.

    God bless.


  • Alex C

    Reply Reply September 11, 2008

    I was on my way to an appointment with a recruiting agency, having been downsized from a major corporation a few months earlier. I was amazed at the utter simplicity of the act- cried for the victims, and watching the buildings (and one of my favorite restaurants, Windows on the World) fall down with ‘blood in eye’ and revenge in my heart.
    Watched George Bush fly and hide, as obviously our ‘security’ forces knew nothing of what was going on.
    Couldn’t wait for the war on terror…Afghanistan was great, routing them filthy Taliban guys (who we created, btw, in the USSR/Afghan war). Then all of a sudden we’re in IRAQ??? Well, Rumsfeld, Cheney and Dubya really screwed up there by never being able to admit any of the numerous mistakes made there that accumulated very rapidly to what we had last year, before the surge…4300 dead, bad trade for 2700, some of whom were far less than innocent, all of whom received reparations for their loss from the outpouring of donations, some to the tune of millions of dollars…wonder how much death pay the families of the 4300 received?
    Have come to wonder who the terrorists really are- having occupied and destroyed an unfriendly but relatively innocent country- and our own economy.
    Were there any Iraqis on the 911 planes? Nope.
    Were Iraqi weapons used? Nope. 13 of the 17 hijacker/suicideers were Saudis- yet to this day Saudis have free entry and exit to the US…
    And then Homeland Security was created, phones illegally tapped, torture made common practice, the Patriot Act (yeah, right) passed. And of course Dubya and his Signing Statements to put him and his cronies above the law.
    And much, much more- and more to come.
    IMHO on the day the Patriot Act was signed into law was the day AlQueda won. And our own Triumvirate and Congress aided and abetted our enemies in limiting our freedoms and privacy and created a black box (Homeland Security) whose performance can only be gauged by what DOESN’T happen…what a sweet review process that is.

  • Alex C

    Reply Reply September 11, 2008

    Just a friendly comment to Lynne:

    A quote, from Mulder on the Xfiles, on our Government-
    “No matter how paranoid you are, it’s probably not enough.”

  • David Jackson

    Reply Reply September 11, 2008

    I was on my way to an important meeting when the planes went through the buildings. I was in complete shock. All I could think about was the people that were killed, their families and my own. Real gut check!

  • Steve

    Reply Reply September 11, 2008

    I was working in the UK for a large IT distributor called TechData Inc (HQ was in Clearwater Florida). One of my colleagues in the USA called me up and asked if I had heard about the airplane flying into the World Trade Center and I assumed she was talking about a light aircraft.

    News flashes happened really fast soon after she called me and people were looking at the BBC news websites almost continuously.

    We had just had a meeting with another guy from the USA and he was on his flight home to Tampa. It was days later that we asked him how he was. He told me that his plane had been diverted to Canada and he spent a couple of days in some sort of hostel until another flight could be organised and air space was open again.

    We also had directives from our head office which asked that we only booked a flight if it was really necessary. My job at the time was in Global Account Management and flying was the only thing we could do to meet clients.

    I must admit to being completely gob smacked at the whole thing. As a British guy I was pretty used to getting TV news of bombs and killings from the troubles in Northern Ireland and also in the UK mainland.

    The day 9/11/2001 will stay etched in my memory for ever.

    My best wishes to you all.


  • Jane

    Reply Reply September 11, 2008

    We were at home watching our typical morning shows when the first shots of the tower being hit were shown. It was surreal and at first we thought it was some kind of hoax…just couldn’t even imagine that this was actually happened.

    I have 2 brother-in-laws that worked in the tower and a sister-in-law that worked in the Marriott on the bottom level of one of the towers. We spent the better part of 2 days trying to get through on the phone to family members while watching the terror unfold on TV. It was awful not knowing if our family members were in the towers or not.

    On the morning after we finally received a phone call that by the grace of god those family members were not in the towers when the plans hit…however we did lose other friends and family.

    I’m having a hard time kicking it into gear today because that whole day still plays out so vividly in my memory and I can’t get past the emotions of that day.

    Our heartfelt blessings and prayers go out to everyone affected by this day we’ll always remember.

  • Kenny Ritchie

    Reply Reply September 11, 2008

    I was at a worthless conference on the deregulation of gas and electric in the UK.

    I remember seeing the footage first in a hotel lobby, at least the guys at Scottish Power had the decency to cancel the rest of the day as a mark of respect to everyone caught up in it.

    The impact was international and not one that will be forgotten anytime soon.

  • Dorothea Carney

    Reply Reply September 11, 2008

    I was a teacher and just signing in. I heard the news and followed the crowd into the principal’s office to watch the news.

    We watched in horror as the 2nd plane hit at the same time that the realization hit that it was an attack. We all went into fast gear to see what had to be done to protect the school and the kids. It was a day I will never forget as some kids realized that their parents were in the city, during the attack.

    It was THE WORST DAY that I ever remember as a teacher. I worried about my own kids at school and realized that I also had to worry about my students. We just kept going to help do what we could to keep everyone calm, when WE certainly weren’t calm!!


  • Nabil Daniel

    Reply Reply September 11, 2008

    I put the tv on sometime during the broadcast, I thought it was another “Inferno” movie, it did not realy register as a real thing for sometime.

    I think this will be an event that I shall always remeber

  • Omar Martin

    Reply Reply September 11, 2008

    This may come as a shock to a few of you… I am a Retired FDNY Paramedic. I was at ground zero on that fateful day and for the 30 days straight that followed. I lost 6 close friends including my partner David P. Lemagne in the collapse.

    I left the department after 9/11 and I moved to Florida where I began my career in sales. Every year on this day I put on the old uniform and remember my fallen brothers and sisters.

    Today I attended a remembrance ceremony where we dedicated a plaque to our local fire dept here in Palm Bay Florida. I remain an active member of the FDNY Retirees of Brevard County FL. Our website is currently down. But you can learn more at my blog.

    Many have forgotten. Many oppose the current war on terror. Many do not recall the way we all felt on Sept 12th 2001 (The day after)…. many fail to realize that our country has been spared from many attacks over the past seven years because of our diligent military efforts… If I’m talking about you well, I can only say that if you would have seen what I’ve seen with my own 2 eyes you would feel differently.

    I for one WILL NEVER FORGET.

    Omar Martin

  • Karen Taylor

    Reply Reply September 12, 2008

    I turned on the television sometime after 8:00 a.m. (Mountain time) to put in the video of the educational program my husband had recorded for me the night before while I was at work. I could not believe what I was seeing! My husband worked for American Airlines (now retired), and you can imagine the state I found him in; we were on the phone together when the second plane hit the second tower. I let him go then, because all hell broke loose at the airport.

    The images of that day, most particularly the rolling clouds of dust and debris that came rushing down the streets as New York City, America, citizens tried to outrun them. It was like something in a horror movie, except that it was REAL!

    I am fortunate that I knew no one or no family that was personally affected by injury or loss in the events of that day, but my husband’s company was irrevocably affected, both through the loss of personnel and equipment, and by the tremendous financial burden it placed on the company, forcing it to the brink of bankruptcy (during which time my husband was essentially forced into retirement to protect his pension). But the company’s financial losses and how they affected us personally cannot compare to the loss of life.

    What I do NOT understand is why this war, that was pushed upon us while we were in an emotional state, is STILL going on! I want us out of there. If we can’t figure a way to snipe the buggers that planned and executed this attack on America without the loss of thousands of our best and brightest, then something’s wrong! I don’t know the answers, but somebody better find one soon!

  • Daniel

    Reply Reply September 12, 2008

    I don’t remember, but if you really want to know the truth about 9/11 go to http://www.blindguru.com and then go to free videos. Click on the picture of the kid with a ring of something around his head. Enjoy the movie. It is about time that people in this country stop being duped. There are like three parts. The 9/11 stuff is in part two.



  • Jan

    Reply Reply September 12, 2008

    On September 10th we had a General Election in Norway (where I lived then), and both my wife and myself worked on the 11th.

    After dinner on the 11th we turned on the TV 3-4 minutes before the late afternoon news to see who had won the election the day before, and we both thought we had pushed the wrong button on the remote control and were watching something from one of those “disaster” movies.

    When we realized it was all too real we looked at each other and thought that…

    We are witnessing the start of a new and terrible era.
    The world has lost its innocence; now we see the beginning of a dark and ruthless world.

  • Brad Pollina

    Reply Reply September 12, 2008

    I was at work as a PC support specialist. I heard people talking about it and went over to the common TV. I wanted so much to not believe what was happening that I ran back to my repair lab and buried myself in work the entire day! I refused to listen to any of it. It was quite a shock!

  • Marion

    Reply Reply September 12, 2008

    that tuesday, i was off from work, and was asleep. my mother came to my bedroom, and said something had happened in ny. i got and flipped on the tv, and for a while,there was
    no picture.finally,i believe we got
    either the local abc or nbc channel,
    and that’s when i heard about the first tower being struck.a few minutes later,the second tower was hit.
    when i heard about the first tower,
    i never felt that it was an accident.from the start i believed it was deliberate and i felt angry.
    angry at the people responsible,and
    also at our government for not being
    more vigilant,especially after the
    first terror attack there(nyc)some years earlier.we were living with a
    false sense of sercurity and we paid
    dearly for it.

    we all grieved as one that day, and
    i hope never to witness that type of
    horror again.

    my prayers to the survivors,their families,but to those that lost loved
    ones a special prayer for them and for you,too.

  • Dorothy Pease

    Reply Reply September 12, 2008

    I was nursing my in-home patients when a phone call came, from a relative in Long Island to alert us to the tragedy of the Towers, which he could see from his second story balcony. I turned on the TV just in time to see the second plane fly purposefully into the second Tower.
    My anguished remark was immediate-“This is an act of war!” One of my patients replied “What makes you say THAT!” If you saw it -you just knew that this was our second terrible day of
    infamy in America.

  • Brian Frederick

    Reply Reply September 12, 2008

    My wife and I were in the Anarondack Mountainsin upper state New York getting ready to fly to Washington DC when I switched to the weather channel to catch the days weather and saw what had happened after the first plane flew into one of the towers and a few minutes later the second plane crashed into another tower. I was a retired firefighter and as I write this tears stream down my cheeks just remembering what happened. Needless to say, we did not fly to Washington DC but I offered my services to the Saranac Lake Fire Department while they sent their members to New York to help.
    I am a Canadian, but there were NO boundaries when this or things like this happen.
    I will always help my neighbours to the south and around the world no matter where I am.
    There is an untold friendship between fire fighters and my deepest sympathy goes out to all who lost loved ones 7 seven years ago although it seems like yesterday.

    Yours Whenever Wherever

    Brian Frederick

  • David Braybrooke

    Reply Reply September 12, 2008

    When the 9/11 tragedy unfolded I just happened to have the television on and was horrified at the telecast!

    This fateful day shall be burnt in to all our memories!

    God Bless the survivors, God Bless America, and God Bless us All!

    Kind Regards,
    David I. Braybrooke. ‘Fatherspirit’.

    David Braybrookes last blog post..Join Trafficera.com for FREE Today!!

  • Grace Morris

    Reply Reply September 12, 2008

    I was on my flight overseas as my plane landed for overnight at one of the Pacific Island first I thought it just a movie, but it look so real I realise than that it wasn’t a movie I saw the first than the second plane hit the World Trade Centre and people running and screaming every where my only thought was Oh! no!no! no! tears rolling down my eyes, what can I say, the only way that I am so sure of everyone will stand in front of the Almighty in the judgment day when HE return back to this world to collect His righteous and they have to explained to Him why! they killed so many people. “GOD! Please Bless Our World”

  • Ravi Krishnan

    Reply Reply September 12, 2008

    On the night of Sept 11 (Indian time) when it happened, I was travelling in train from Coimbatore to New Delhi, reading “RUNNING FROM SAFETY” by Richard Bach. I stopped at the passages “…and the TV News Anchor was talking about the tragedy the world is going through, the attacks, the bombings, the epidemics…” Next morning, when I picked up a copy of the local newspaper en route to Delhi, I froze at the headlines screaming “America Under Attack”.

    And the irony of it all was, my life was completely changed because I had wound up my advertising career in New Delhi for a better opportunity in Dubai and was to leave for Dubai on 14th Sept ’01. I knew somewhere, I was intuitively getting prepared to “Run from safety”. It did change my life as the Dubai based ad agency asked me to postpone my trip and ultimately I had to find a job in India itself a month later!

    To think that an incident that happened in exactly other corner of the world could affect my life so much, made me strongly believe each and every one of us are interlinked somehow.

  • ezinereaders

    Reply Reply September 12, 2008

    On the night when the first plan attack the one of the twin tower. I just arrived home from the office. We all watch the news the whole night.

  • Nancy Woodward

    Reply Reply September 12, 2008

    Reed, I sat at my desk in work so frightened. My daughter goes into the city at times she was a programer for a company providing service To Wall Street. I saw pictures live on the tv and heard the chaos so scared for everyone.

    It took hours before a phone call could get thru and I was blessed, my daughter in PA go thru to my youngest..

    We had an annual event planned to go to Radio city on thanksgiving, we went but it was erie and basically we haven’t gone again.

    I pray for those who were lost and those we lost their loved ones. Nan

  • admin

    Reply Reply September 12, 2008

    @Everyone we’ve got some great stories here and I’m really glad that so many of you took the time out of your days to share your story. This is a day that affected us all and I’m glad that we are able to remember the fallen and look ahead to brighter times.


    Reply Reply September 12, 2008

    ON 9/11/01 I heard the news about the first plane hitting a tower, while I was commuting to work by city bus. I followed the news on the radio throughout the day as I was working. The whole scenario was shocking. I did not personally know anyone who was invol;ed in the tragedy but I knew some that were woring or livimg im the area.

  • mark

    Reply Reply September 13, 2008

    I was at work….someone said they saw some plane crash into the towers on tv i thought wow that must be something to see but i had to get home to see it for myself……then unfortunately over and over for effect i guess but what are the effects????? war??? is that good when you are unable to stop it or get the responsible people???? should we not just help the people who suffer and go about seeking justice in different ways????? just my opinion though…..

  • Robert

    Reply Reply September 13, 2008

    Hi Reed and all visitors of Reeds Blog…

    I was working on the air guard base here in my hometown, building an addition to the maintenance area – attached to the flight plan room (this is where the tv’s are that show the flight plans for the day of the airmen).

    I was listening to Fred Baker on KISR 93.7, and I thought I heard him say a plane had hit one of the twin towers. Turning to my partner (only 4 peep on the job – us and two duct guys) and told him what I heard, so we started to listen in…

    Sure enough that was what had happened. One of the guard guys was walking through and I asked if their tv’s inside got CNN and he said yes so we went in and started watching. We got to see the second plane hit…

    Well, you know the rest of the story of what happened…

    So we went back to work, and it was not ten minutes later, 3 guys in dress uniform jumped out of a jeep and came over to us (tow holding M-15A’s) and said we had 5 minutes to get what we needed in our vehicles and lock everything else up…4 minutes 55 sec…4 minutes 50 sec…

    That was how it went -s o we got escorted off base and could not go back on for about 3 weeks, After we got clearance to go back on.

    Needless to say, we have done other work out there and it is the same to this day.

    But, that was how my day went on the horrible day.

  • robin desanto

    Reply Reply September 13, 2008

    i was at work in dunkin donuts and i looked at the tv and saw the plane crash,everyone thought it was a movie or something,i told them it was for real.my aunt was supposed to be in that building that day.so i called my mom and she called my aunt,there was no answer,we could not reach anyone.i told my boss i was leaving and going out there.she said if i left i was fired.my mom said to stay at work because i would not get near there anyway.i spent the whole day in a state of near panic.we live in ct.we found out that night my aunt got a flat on the way to work and never made it in.i was thankful,but i was angry that someone could do this and that all those families were feeling like i was maybe worse.the thing was all my aunts tires were brand new.i wanted to find out who was responsible and beat the heck out of them.

  • Radiate Love!

    Reply Reply September 14, 2008

    Hello ALL!

    I was at work (30 miles north of NYC in scenic Rockland County). When the radio we were listening to reported what was happening, we & the DJ thought it was some kind of Hollywood publicity stunt until the DJ who was in NYC reported many were coming in, to to tell him everything was real – not staged. One of my co-workers then indicated his girl friend was at work rather close to the Twin Towers & he was beyond concern.

    Remembering this, brings tears…

    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    . . WE
    . . ALL
    . .TOUCH
    For Earth-based legal purposes, this is © 1997 Remotely Possible! DK (a division of Inner Starlight™) but as our heart knows, all things originate from Divine Source.

  • Jussi Koiranen

    Reply Reply September 16, 2008

    I can’t remember what I was doing on the computer, seven years back I was probably playing some game, but when mom called me to see the TV I stayed glued to it for the night… Unbelievable day

  • Prem

    Reply Reply September 16, 2008

    On 9/11 I was watching the News on TV….I was horrified with the Breaking News…Really …I was shocked…to see the towers going down…I still cannot beliew that the twin towers are no more…India

  • Neil thrussell

    Reply Reply September 16, 2008

    I was driving into the office – Calgary AB, Canada. My route took me right by the airport and normally there are lots of planes comming and going in the am..

    It was very eirie to see planes on the tarmace and not hear any of them..

  • kauai massages

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  • promosyon

    Reply Reply September 25, 2008

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  • Nedra Saucier

    Reply Reply September 27, 2008

    As I former Flight Attendant with American Airlines, I had flown that widebody route many times from Boston Logan to San Francisco. Watching the first broadcast of the news I disbelief and shock….first, because that could have been me, and secondly, I felt it personally as though I had lost dear friends in such a tragic moment. I have never been able to watch the replays from year to year….the original emotions return as fresh.

  • Brian Carelse

    Reply Reply October 17, 2008

    Hey Reed,

    I live in Cape Town South Africa, I know its far away, but my wife and I were in total shock

    Marketing on the internet happens so fast and life goes by so fast.

    Lets remember to cherish our loved ones. Lifes too short!

    Best wishes to your family from mine

    Your Friend



  • Sarah Palin

    Reply Reply October 19, 2008

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  • Ken Perry

    Reply Reply October 30, 2008

    I WAS THERE!! I was in NYC, working just 5 blocks north of the WTC. I worked construction, owning a Masonry – Stone company. We were building a new 22 story condo/retail center just 5 blocks north just starting the day, when we heard the first plane fly over and strike the WTC. Many of the supervisors and foreman went up to the roof to see the whole thing unfold before our eyes. A few minutes later, a second plane flew directly over us and we watched helplessly as it struck the second tower. You never saw 15 big, burly construction workers fall totally silent, in absolute awe and dismay!! At that moment I said, this was no co-incidence…we are under atttack!! Some (myself included) went down to the WTC site. I personally knew about 25 people who worked in the WTC complex and my mind couldn’t stop worrying for them. I also knew many of NYC’s Finest & Bravest Police an Firemen.
    Watching in total amazement and disgust, it wasn’t long that warnings of colapse circulated. Not heeding the warnings, we were caught in the mad rush of onlookers, litterally running for our lives as she came down, debris, clouds of dirt/dust over took us. I ran back to the construction site where we were working for safety. From there, we watched the rest unfold on a TV in the site trailer. Manhatten was on total shut down! I spent the night in my construction trailer, not sleeping a wink. Others stayed also.
    Some time in the middle of the night, we loaded my truck with some equipment, cut-off saws, oxy-accetaline torches, bars, etc…what ever we thought we coul take and worked our way to ground zero. We joined the rescue efforts, doing what we felt we needed to do. 10 hours later we were avised to leave, but we left all the equipment behind for the firefighters and rescue crews to use.
    Manhatten was still on lockdown, no vehicles leaving the city, so I walked home, over the Manhatten bridge, 14 miles in brooklyn.
    To see this all unfold…with my own eyes…to be a part of the rescue efforts is something I will never forget!! I still get pissed off about it, on how easily they just walked in on us was able to do this to America! The only relief I get is from seeing how the City of NY an the rest of the nation reacted and came together as one….now that was truly amazing!!
    I have since moved from NYC, (2004) to Tucson, AZ…where we started our internet marketing efforts.

  • Ralf Smith

    Reply Reply November 7, 2008

    I was at school, people were leaving left and right, did not know what happened. When I got home, I misheard what the newscasters were talking about and thought they were talking about these two empty buildings I remember seeing on my way to new york (I was young). A few days later I realized that I was wrong.

  • Pat Gunning

    Reply Reply November 19, 2008

    I was recovering from appendix surgery on that day. I spoke with my Dad who called shortly after I woke to tell me that our family in New York were safe. As we spoke the second plane hit. It was very surreal experience and one I will never forget.

    It turned out to be one of the last conversations I had with my Dad as he passed the following year at 89 Years old.

  • Geoff Dodd

    Reply Reply November 25, 2008

    Reed, I was an Affiliate Marketer then, and driving a taxi for cash. I switched on CNN from Western Australia and watched the images of the World Trade Center for hours, hypnotized. I guess it was a ‘grab for attention’ by twisted thinkers doing outrageous acts to further their blinkered ’cause.’ Look how the U.S. media (and worldwide) capitalized on that news for months and even years..


  • Nando

    Reply Reply December 3, 2008

    I can still remember it like it was yesterday.

    I was at work, just another day at the office, when the village idiot walked by and said: “a plane just crashed into the twin towers”.

    I didn’t believe it at first, because this fool was good for saying crazy stuff like that…

    But then a few people went whizzing by and crying, so I went along with them to check out the news in the waiting room and…

    I couldn’t believe it. It’s still unbelievable.
    Many of my close friends barely escaped with their lives.

    My wife was in shock.

    It was just a really horrible day.


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  • I couldn’t believe it. It’s still unbelievable.

    Watching in total amazement and disgust, it wasn’t long that warnings of colapse circulated. Not heeding the warnings, we were caught in the mad rush of onlookers, litterally running for our lives as she came down, debris, clouds of dirt/dust over took us. I ran back to the construction site where we were working for safety. From there, we watched the rest unfold on a TV in the site trailer. Manhatten was on total shut down! I spent the night in my construction trailer, not sleeping a wink. Others stayed also.

  • SA auction site

    Reply Reply June 7, 2009

    i was playing playstation (thrasher skate and destroy) and i heard the tv in the lounge saying “attacks on the twin towers”, so i went to go have a look. as i got there, the second plane hit the other tower. i thought it was like a replay or something. absolutely insane

  • I was getting ready for work, when I got a call from my mother. I had a room mate at the time. He refused to go to work that morning. I said it screw it, that is exactly what they want us to do. They want to hurt our economy. I had to go to another building and meet a client, I showed up and the office was closed. Funny thing I remember becoming nicer to my crappy neighbor. It was a time to unite and I felt the unity.

  • I was in college just waking up to go to class and every station had something about a plane hitting so I thought it was an accident.
    Then I saw the second plane hit live and I thought we were at war.
    I woke up all my room mates and told them we were going to war lol. what a crazy time it was.

  • Line and Pins

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    I was watching local news on my TV, it was at morning.

  • in school, the whole place was different. you could just feel it in the air

  • matthieu

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    I was chaeting

  • Your post is realy very informative.You really have grip on the subject.

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