What’s Your Favorite Thing About Christmas?

Growing up my favorite thing was seeing what presents I would get. Oftentimes I’d try to guess what they were or sneak a peak because the suspense was too much.

Don’t get me wrong I still like opening presents but I can definitely tell I’m changing as I was much more interested in giving gifts and spending quality time with my family the past few years… and the day has just begun!

Also this Christmas will be extra special as it’s Zachary’s first Christmas. 🙂

Merry Christmas to you and I wish you the best of success!

Reed Floren

P.S. Post a comment below and tell us what your favorite thing about Christmas is…


  • Wayne

    Reply Reply December 25, 2008

    My favorite thing about Christmas is that the effect of Christmas transcends all religions and beliefs of all except the most extreme. Regardless of belief in the Birth of Christ, people throughout the world take on the spirit of sharing and giving. It is nearly a global effect. Places that have little Christianity put up lights, celebrate and share. It is what makes Christmas an obvious gift of God

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  • beaulife

    Reply Reply December 25, 2008

    Although I am a Buddhist, I still like the Christmas feeling, especially when I hear touching Christmas song, watching artificial Christmas trees at the shop front in Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia, and the movies about Christmas. Nothing special indeed, as I never travel out of Malaysia to have the real feel during Christmas, but I hope I will have a chance soon, with dedications to get some assistance in making money online. I sincerely pray for a better year ahead of us in year 2009. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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  • Terrie Routh

    Reply Reply December 25, 2008

    Hi Reed,
    Merry Christmas to you and yours! This year must be a special Christmas as it’s baby’s first! It’s my grand baby’s first as well…and I haven’t even seen her yet! The years go by so quick, and you are making memories that will live in your heart forever…weather you know it or not! Rejoice for the time you spend with family as it’s precious for you all.

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  • Al Sinden

    Reply Reply December 25, 2008

    Merry Christmas to you and your family, Reed. Just wait until next yeaqr when Zachary starts investigating everything!

    My favorite thing about Christmas? Watching children as they discover the fun in finding that “perfect gift” for an adult in their life, when you realize that, above all the commotion of going through their growing pains with them, they REALLY ARE paying attention to you: though they may not “obey” or cooperate as quickly as you’d like, they do get the idea that Christmas (and life) are about what you give more than what you get.

  • Ari Lestariono

    Reply Reply December 25, 2008

    Spirituality gift from Allah

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  • Timothy Millar

    Reply Reply December 25, 2008

    Hey Reed, Merry Christmas! I hope your tree is buried in presents for your son and wife, You don’t need anything, You’re an entrepreneur!(JK)
    I use to have a favorite part of Christmas but it seems that everyone forgot the real meaning of the Day, This is Christ Birthday, not just a day of presents as the Greedy,Self-centered people of America, and now other countries,have turned it into.With the way the world is going right now you would think the real meaning would stand out even more but this is America and the greed that has driven us to this point will continue. Sorry for the Rant but this is Jesus Christ Birthday! Celebrate the Real Meaning of Christmas. Have a Wonderful Day regardless of what you celebrate.Timothy Millar

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    Reply Reply December 25, 2008

    Hi Reed merry Christmas and happy new year.

    My favorite thing about Christmas is this :
    Without God sending and sacrificing his only Son Jesus for us; we would all be condemned to to eternal punishment.
    Thank God and Jesus for his mercy,
    that we do NOT even come close to deserve.

    Someone out British Columbia last year took Santa and hung him on a cross.
    You should have heard the uproar.
    Many folks celebrate Christmas just for the sake of santa and the gifts.

    Santa (Saint Nick, who lived a few hundred years ago in Russia and was a very kind and compassionate person) did not get born or crucified for our sins; but Jesus did. And He is our only hope beyond the grave.
    merry Christmas
    from one who saw the only true Light.

  • Larry Northey

    Reply Reply December 25, 2008

    First off I want to wish anyone who reads this a Very Merry Christmas Season. It is a wonderful time of year for me. I like watching the transformation of people in general. I manage an apartment complex for seniors ( 62 or older) and it is great to see them have a family member stop by to visit them. Their faces light up just like the child looking at all the presents under the tree. It is sad that we get so involved in our own lives that we forget how important just a simple visit to someone we love can be. But during this time of year we seem to take the time to remember them and it is really a wonderful experience to be able to see the delight in a seniors face when a loved one comes to visit. I want to wish a Happy Holiday to “all”kids of all ages. Merry Christmas!

  • subroto

    Reply Reply December 25, 2008

    to you and your family. Wish to hear from you
    life long! This is my only favorite thing on

    Wish you ALL all the best – Subroto

  • normz2

    Reply Reply December 25, 2008

    Merry Xmas to every one. My favorite thing for Xmas is having the whole family home.

  • Urpo Salonen

    Reply Reply December 25, 2008

    Merry Christmas Reed.
    The best for me is having a grate time together with my family.

    All the best for you and your family.

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  • Tommy C

    Reply Reply December 25, 2008

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family Reed. Just wait till Zachary gets to be 2 or 3…that’s when the Joy and Fun of Christmas time really start to blossom. The best part of my Christmas was the same as I stated above…when my four children were very young and to see their eyes light up each year. Now, my joy comes when I see them drive up for the holiday visits and make me tear when they leave. My youngest just turned 21…wow how time does fly…anyway don’t blink…enjoy all your holidays. BEST WISHES from me and my family to yours.

  • Donna

    Reply Reply December 25, 2008

    Merry Christmas to you and your family. My favorite thing about the most wonderful time of the year is to watch the twinkle in a child’s eyes as they open a gift they really wanted. The Magical Moments are a gift to me that no one can ever take away. I pray that every child can have many Magical Moments and remember them for many years to come.
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  • Mike D'Auria

    Reply Reply December 25, 2008

    My favorite thing to look forward to at Christmas time was the sharing the spirit of the holiday season with family and friends. The Christmas carols playing on outdoor speakers and carolers going around from door to door and sometimes we would even get snow on Christmas Day or Eve and it really made the occasion that much more special. I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and wonderful Holiday Season !!

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  • J.Lamar Ferren

    Reply Reply December 25, 2008

    Watching the kids open presents and being with my Family!!

  • Emmanuel Mba

    Reply Reply December 25, 2008

    Hi Reed,
    wishing you and your family the very best of the season.
    My favorite thing during Christmas is to entertain my children and my grandchildren. It is a family time and should be enjoyed.
    Hve a good one

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  • Aloke Karmakar

    Reply Reply December 25, 2008

    To you and yours, Merry Christmas and Peace & Good Will throughout the year!
    I wish to love and make good,sweet relations to each and every persons in the world. This is my only favorite thing.

    All the best for you, your family members,youngers
    and elders.
    Aloke Karmakar

  • Ray Bundulis

    Reply Reply December 25, 2008

    Hi Reed .
    Merry Christmas to all.
    The best thing is at Christmas I do next to nothing .A great time is had by all to much food and drink . Cheers
    from Ray

  • Eddie

    Reply Reply December 25, 2008

    Gratitude. For living in the greatest country on the face of the planet, for in our perceived lack, more that most on the planet, and for the little baby born that is the reason for the season. Happy Birthday Jesus and to all a Merry Christmas. Thanks for all you do Reed and family and baby Zach

  • kristi qualley

    Reply Reply December 25, 2008

    My favorite thing is celebrating the birth of Christ and spending time with family. http://www.cheecheech.com

  • Johan Vermeulen

    Reply Reply December 25, 2008

    Christmas Day



    Cleave to,
    Remember and
    Imitate Him.
    Save men,
    Transform them,
    Mediate on their behalf,
    Assure and,
    Sanctify them.
    Disclose to them His love, grace, compassion and kindness,
    All year round, to lead them to wisdom and remind them to…..
    Yearn for Him.

    And He told them” You must love one another”

    And He loved His own to the last and highest degree.

    May love, grace and peace be with you all, during this festive season.

  • tmobil8

    Reply Reply December 25, 2008

    Greeting Reed, Thomas Richmond here, hope you and your loved one’s have a very Merry Christmas, oh by the way have a great time this friday, hope its a big turnout with our fellow marketers. My favorite thing about Christmas is the Giving. God_bless you and your families bloggers 🙂 Admin http//superseosubmitter.com

  • Just Bible

    Reply Reply December 25, 2008

    Jesus Christ came to earth, born of a virgin. Lived a perfect life and Died to pay for the sins of the whole world. This is the Chirst Child of Bethlehem. This is the reason for Christmas, and that is why I love Christmas; because he first loved me, and gave himself for me.

  • Laurie

    Reply Reply December 25, 2008

    My favorite thing about Christmas was this year, I love the kids reaction and the enjoyment they get out of what they get. Things were very tight this year and like a dumby I maxed the little I had left but the appreciation this year was unbelievable because they knew it was tight but theystill got spoiled, my favorite thing in the world to do and I get real pissy when I can’t.

  • Matthew Lord

    Reply Reply December 25, 2008

    My greatest joy on Christmas is getting to spend time with my family, some of them I only see once per year. It seems that Christmas has the power to unite people and all troubles in life seem to disappear, even in only for a day.

    I feel truly blessed to have the family and live the lifestyle that I do.

  • Saundra Jackson

    Reply Reply December 25, 2008


    My favorite thing about Christmas is the fact that God loved us so much he was willing to send his Son to this earth for our sins. Jesus is the reason for the season.

    Second, is getting Christmas email from all my Internet family, friends and associates.

    Third, giving. I gave my husband the gift of home made bread for Christmas. Didn’t realize that in 20 years I had never made bread for him. I also made an additional treat of homemade apple cinnamon rolls.

    It’s the simple things in life that count. I made all my Internet friends a little video.

    To you and your family Reed, Merry Christmas and hug that little one for me.

    Check out my movie

  • Eric

    Reply Reply December 25, 2008

    the best thing about the holidays is getting together with friends and family to reflect on experiences and lessons learned over the past year, to remember lost loved ones, spending time together

  • Magnus

    Reply Reply December 25, 2008

    The special Cristmas Spirit comes when we can love and respect evry single soal on this Earth. Only then we are closer to the # 1 Controller. Cristmas Wishes to you all ;;; Magnus

  • Dave

    Reply Reply December 25, 2008

    Merry Christmas and best wishes Reed.


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  • MLM-Helper

    Reply Reply December 25, 2008

    Hey Reed,

    Christmas is my very favorite time of the year, just like some song says it so well. And like you, I used to love to open presents. I still do, but now what I love the most is to see my kids faces when they open their presents.

    Christmas is defenetly about giving, receiving and thanking. I am very happy to be able to have those 3 elements in my life, and as much as I enjoy receiving, I’m happier to give to others: my love, respect, time, patience and hope.

    I wish you, your family and all your followers the marriest Christmas. God bless you all!


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  • Joyce A. Anthony

    Reply Reply December 25, 2008

    Merry Christmas to you and your family, Reed from me and my family. My favorite thing about Christmas is knowing I found the perfect present for someone and seeing their expression when they open it. I love knowing that for at least a bief moment I made someone happy.

    Joyce A. Anthonys last blog post..A Mother at Last

  • Lonnie Minton

    Reply Reply December 25, 2008

    Spending time with my family.

    Seeing the happiness of my grandkids and all of us as we exchange gifts.

    The best of all and the reason for Christmas – celebrating the birth of my savior, Jesus Christ.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family and a happy new year.

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  • mark

    Reply Reply December 26, 2008

    greatest thing about christmas?????was knowing the truth about it and not getting mixed up in a lie. come on people any encyclopedia will tell you his birthday was not in dec and shepards in the fields at night have you chked the temp in isreal at this time of year it can snow there they would not be out at night tending flocks

  • Lori

    Reply Reply December 26, 2008

    Merry Christmas Reed. Hope yours was a blessed one. My favorite thing about Christmas is spending it with family and loved ones.

    Loris last blog post..Merry Christmas and Christmas Gifts

  • Kristi Sayles

    Reply Reply December 26, 2008

    Although it was a wonderful thing to spend Christmas with my husband, kids, and precious grandbabies-something else was my favorite this year. I got to sing Christmas carols with my daddy. You see, he has spells of an almost-coma like existence and lives in a nursing home. The last time I saw him, he didn’t even recognize me. But, when we walked into my sister’s home on the 23rd, my Daddy greeted me with a warm, daddy-like smile and hug. Then, my brother grabbed his guitar and we all sang with Daddy singing lead. It was one of the happiest Christmases I’ve ever had.
    God bless you and yours, Reed. Merry Christmas and an even happier 2009!

    Kristi Sayless last blog post..Okay, how does Memorial Day Weekend Sound for a Trip to Nashville?


    Reply Reply December 26, 2008


  • bet

    Reply Reply December 26, 2008

    Merry Christmas, Reed and family. Babies really make the holiday special. My favorite things are attending Mass, the decorations and family at home. This year the weather kept us all apart. With phones and e-mail and face-book, it’s almost like they are here.

  • Anna

    Reply Reply December 26, 2008

    Hello Reed,My favorite thing is being with all the beautiful grand children. All their hugs are priceless and the they are teenagers now and just listing to their outlook on life is one of the most wonderful experiences a granny can have. Also my daughter is my Christmas. I sure hope your first Christmas with Zachary was a great experience. The Children is what I think Christmas is all about.Here is a toast to you new FAMILY. Happy Holiday Anna

  • East4u

    Reply Reply December 26, 2008

    Hi Yeah this is absolutly childrens time as I read Al sinden The perfect present that is my little thing I hope Its going to be my gift ,And Reed you got Zackary its a bless those inicent eyes is full of life and expextesion daddy how long is it to santa comes are you shore he comes ? You must ceep the tradision white Lies .And when he grown older you think ohh this look fun but you newer say it .,but you want to play more than your kids ,and get sad if it not the perfect present ,But you newer show it or say it .What I mean is there is a little boy /girl in us all who have expectesion but on different levels (I get tons of mail that is your sick mind not ouers !!! hahahha ok its on me then chickens I say in that case .sill love the world .take care its cold outside from east4u

  • Geoff Dodd

    Reply Reply December 26, 2008

    Reed, the best thing is that Zachary-style Quality Time. Looking at the baby.. realize that health and joy are real top values, and perhaps Jesus’ birthday is for getting back into that primal spirit, where the catalyst is giving. Love and giving seem to ‘turn on’ the spirit.

    Geoff Dodd

  • aliciass

    Reply Reply December 26, 2008

    Thank you!Your site is very nice

  • Liz Nichols

    Reply Reply December 26, 2008

    My favorite part was slowing down and enjoying time spent with family. We met our kids’ boyfriend and girlfriend for the first time on Christmas Eve. It is a joy to see our kids so happy and contented (and willing to bring home the significant others to meet mom and dad.)

    We had Christmas lunch with my mom at her retirement center. It was fun seeing so many families together to share a meal with their elderly parents and grandparents and sharing family reminiscences and old pictures with my mom.

    Then we took off for my sister’s house in Roberts, WI and are currently enjoying a very restful time with my sister and brother-in-law.

    Christmas is about slowing down and enjoying family. This year we did not spend a lot of time stressing out buying presents and baking. It was nice just to settle back and take time to enjoy loved ones instead of concentrating on all the unnecessary trappings of the commercial holiday.

    Liz Nichols

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  • Mary

    Reply Reply December 26, 2008

    I love seeing the looks on my children’s faces when they open their gifts. I like the feeling of it being a specail day. To me there is no other day with that peaceful feeling.

  • Russell Carter

    Reply Reply December 26, 2008

    My favorite part about Christmas is giving without expecting anything in return…

    It’s a time to visit family and friends…

    It’s a time to travel…

    It’s a time to get in touch with with your sprirtal self…

    Most importantly. it’s a time to plan for the next year…


  • Pat Gunning

    Reply Reply December 26, 2008

    as a kid my favorite thing was any kind of toy, it just didn’t matter they were all fun!

    …as an adult my favorite thing is to be with my family enjoying each others company and love.

    This was by far one of the very best Christmas seasons I have ever had, it’ll be treasured for a lifetime…

    I hope for everyone, everywhere that they can have the same experience of family and love!

    There is truly no greater gift…

  • Carolyn Szymanski

    Reply Reply December 26, 2008

    I enjoy the lights, decorations and most importantly, the good feeling that you get when you see all of the decorations. I enjoy watching the faces of the children as they look with amazement at everything – especially the really young children. I enjoy phone calls on Christmas day from family that is far away. I enjoy updating everyone with notes in my Christmas cards and getting the same from good frienda and family. But most of all, I just enjoy the heartwarming stories that you hear about – people helping people who really need it. Volunteering to feed the hungry. And just spending this special time with close family and friends.

  • Loretta

    Reply Reply December 27, 2008

    My favorite thing about Christmas is actually today.

    The day after Christmas has become my favorite day of the year. My kids & I just lay around, watch movies & play video games. we eat whatever leftovers we want whenever we feel like it (even if it is pie for breakfast) and just completely RELAX!

    Well, gotta go – still have more relaxing to do!

  • Widiantoro

    Reply Reply December 27, 2008

    Merry Christmas to you reed and to every person you love And Wishing you a great
    life. For me Christmas is time to reflection of my life (already obey His Word or not), maybe next year Christmas is not coming anymore because the world is the end. Hope everyone back to God and follow His Word.

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  • Cyril Yearwood

    Reply Reply December 27, 2008

    Hi Reed,Special Christmas wishes to you and your family. As a boy growing up in the tropics helping to spruce up the house was special to me but since I became a Christian I relized if God had not made the ultimate sacrifice of his only begotten Son we would not have a Christmas to celebrate.Attending 5 am church service is what is special to me every Christmas.Happy, Healthy and a Blessed 2009 to all.

  • Shawn Horwood

    Reply Reply December 28, 2008

    I am a Christian, and I love the fact that Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Jesus, but also the fact that we all get a little time off, to forget the stress of everyday life and just spend time with family and friends and to give gifts to those you love. I used to just love opening gifts and creating a long wishlist I could give to my parents, but this year I didn’t even know what I wanted for Christmas. I am 18 and I just moved out of my parents house a few months ago, and just getting to spend a few weeks with my family was the best gift I could have. The actual gifts I was given are just a bonus.
    Shawn Horwood

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  • Talmage Shipman

    Reply Reply December 28, 2008

    When I was young it was definately the Christmas day loot. Now the most important thing about Christmas is reconnecting with the people who make your life special that have moved away or you just don’t get to see enough.


  • Dora Kok

    Reply Reply December 29, 2008

    Yuletide’s greetings and a blessed Christmas to you and your family.

    To me Christmas is all about loving, caring
    and giving and my favorite thing about Christmas is visiting an orphanage home.

    Yes, I find great satisfaction in seeing the children running up to us as soon a we reach our destination and yelling Merry Christmas cheerfully and singing Christmas carols before food is served.

    After the children hungrily finished eating the food which is something Christmassy that we brought along with us, we would organize games and join in the fun. Toward the end we would distribute gifts to the children.

    It is always a fun day, filled with joy and laughter. I always enjoy this Christmas day and so are my friends.

    The Scripture says “It is more blessed to give than to receive.”

    A Happy and Prosperous New Year to all!

  • Ron Passaro

    Reply Reply December 29, 2008

    I enjoy walking around midtown Manhattan during the holiday season. Seeing landmarks like Rockefeller Center (with the tree!) and Macy’s all decked out makes it feel like you’re in a winter wonderland.

  • Hazel

    Reply Reply December 29, 2008

    Dear Reed,
    Christmas for me means time to give and spend more time with my family.
    Wishing you and your family a safe and festive Christmas Season.
    May it be filled with Love, Joy and Peace.


  • Samar Eldin

    Reply Reply December 29, 2008

    Merry Christmas Reed! I hope you enjoy it with your family and friends.

    What I like most in Christmas is the warm feeling when you sit with your loved ones (family – friends) that make me feel I own the world!

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  • Mohamed Akram

    Reply Reply December 30, 2008

    Marry Christmas Reed…

    Man I love this feeling of love between my family and friends also it can be the right time to plan to your new objectives for the 2009

  • Melody Baker

    Reply Reply January 1, 2009

    My favorite thing? Sorry do not have 1. Have not been allowed to celebrate christmas for the past 11 years. Last year, I did have a reason to want to celebrate, getting my own home, and my cat was providing me with warmth and companionship, but the city put a stop to that back in April, on my B-Day. And my cat Garfield, had to be put down due to injuries, suffered by Yawhoos who love to get drunk and high, and just hurt him. So NO there has been no good memories

  • Cheree

    Reply Reply January 1, 2009

    As many others posted on the list, I too am a Christian. Christmas is definitely a time to celebrate Jesus coming to earth to save the lost. In the past several years we have really taken the focus off the presents, and placed it on the relationships and the true meaning of Christmas.


    Cherees last blog post..WebProsperity — This Could be the Most Important 7 Minutes of Your Life!

  • Jussi Koiranen

    Reply Reply January 6, 2009

    Presents 🙂 Getting, giving and especially shopping for them

  • Noreen MacKinnon

    Reply Reply January 16, 2009


    I am responding rather late and hope you had a wonderful Christmas and wish you and your Family continued Blessings in the New Year.

    Christmas is everything to me. Firstly, we must keep all things in perspective and keep focused, especially in this materialistic World we are in.
    We are celebrating the “Birth of our Lord” and this should be the uppermost thought in our mind’s at this time. It is a time for Family, sharing and showing Love and Respect for one another.

    Sadly to say, this year, Christmas came and went, due to the passing of my Mother on Dec. 10/08 in her 99th year. I will miss her dearly. She loved Christmas so much–her decorating, great Italian Cooking, love of music and so much more. Our Family have been blessed to have her with us for so long.

    Again, I felt I had to repond even though it is a tad late.
    This was a great question.

    All the Best,

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