Who is Reed Floren?


From a young age, I discovered that I wanted to blaze a trail of my own and have the freedom and flexibility to enjoy life on my terms.

On the first day of Kindergarten, my dad lost his job. It took my dad over a year to find a comparable job.

We ended up living off credit cards and shopping at thrift shops/garage sales.

From this hardship, I learned that there is no such thing as job security.

My dad found a job that was 150 miles away round-trip.

He commuted to work 3 hours every day.

Because of how much time my dad spent working/driving I didn’t get to see him much and I knew that I wanted it to be different for my children.

In elementary school, I started acting in plays and by middle school I was acting at the local college.

This gave me confidence to speak in front of large audiences.

On March 29, 1998, a tornado destroyed many houses in my town.

We were without electricity for weeks.

My dad ended up canceling TV service, which I have still not reactivated.

I credit the hardship of the tornado and the time spent not watching television with allowing me to focus on learning.

Then came 7th grade, I went to new student orientation and quickly realized that the local middle/high school was not for me.

All they could tell us was what we couldn’t do.

I hated it.

We started looking for alternatives, and my dad’s former colleagues introduced us to this unique school called the Minnesota New Country School MNCS

What made the school unique was you would work on projects that interested you instead of being told what to do.

Your learning was on your own pace and at your own level.

With a computer on my desk all day long, I began spending a lot of time on the Internet.

I started searching for ways to make money.

I stumbled on a program called AllAdvantage which paid $0.50 an hour to surf the Internet; all you needed was to install their software which displayed a banner advertisement at the bottom of your screen.

You also would get paid $0.10 an hour for every hour people that you recruited were online.

I ended up signing up my parents and a bunch of college kids. This was my first lesson in the power of leverage.

I could make money off other people doing work.

Since MNCS is a small school and we didn’t have a cafeteria of our own, one of the local restaurants would cater a lunch to us every single day.

These lunches would go for $1.75 and you had a choice from about 20 different meals a day to choose from.

I would sell various parts of my meal to the students.

I don’t like pickles, and my cheeseburger would come with three. I would sell each pickle slice for $0.50 a piece and nearly pay for my entire lunch!

I would also buy six packs of Mountain Dew and sell them for $1 or a lunch ticket ($1.75) per bottle. Some days I would bring candy into school and I would sell them for about a 10X markup.

I would always have $20 or more in $1’s in my wallet I would make small loans of $1 or so to my friends when we were on field trips and charge interest that doubled the next day.

During my 8th grade year at MNCS, my school was awarded a multi-million-dollar grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to replicate the school all over the country.

They hired me as an independent contractor to help, while I was in school on certain projects of theirs for at least $10 an hour and oftentimes on a project basis of $1,000 or more.

I ended up helping them put on workshops where I spoke all over Minnesota about education, created information products to market the school, and I worked with a National Geographic videographer to make some very professional looking videos to teach others about MNCS.

I started doing other technical and video work as an independent contractor for other local businesses.

I even hosted training after school and charged people for computer instruction.

In 2003 there was a fantasy stock market simulation game which allowed us to buy and sell real stocks with a simulated $100,000 of cash.

I was #1 and had made $140,000 within a few weeks.

I ended up getting greedy and made riskier investments which dropped me down to $77,000.

I went from the #1 spot to the bottom.

Within 90 days of hitting rock bottom of went from $77K to a whopping $2.3 million dollars in my account.

I won the game.

With this dramatic success in the stock market I ended up buying every stock market book and training program I could get my hands on and opened a brokerage account so I could trade stocks while I was at school.

I decided to teach others how to research stocks and make money with the stock market. I ended up joining various forums and discussion boards on investing and I posted advice on the stock market.

I even started hosting a local meetup group for stock market investors.

In a short time, I had developed a loyal fan base, which was asking me to create my own site, so they could spend their time focused on my systems and learning from me.

To achieve success, you need to develop a loyal base of customers and give them what they want; success is easy then.

I got a cease and desist letter from a large financial newspaper for having a website name too similar to their established brand.

Now as a teenager, I had no idea about copyrights or trademarks and I was devastated that a business I highly admired wasn’t happy with me. It didn’t take long for other publications to get wind of the story; I was getting my 15 minutes of fame.

In 2004 and 2005, my senior year of high school, I realized that I could achieve real success from the Internet.

My stock market site was ranked number one on Google, Yahoo and MSN (Bing).

I ended up trying lots of strategies to make money online and did a senior presentation to a hungry group of over 100 adults on how to make money on the Internet.

Shortly after graduating from high school I ended up investing in a course which taught me how to become a joint venture (JV) broker.

A JV broker lines up people who have a product to sell with affiliates/JV partners who can promote it and then take a percentage of the sales.

I ended up buying the JV course from Russell Brunson’s affiliate link and his bonus was that you could broker one of his products in return for investing in the course.

I eventually connected with Mark Joyner who gave me a ticket to my first Internet marketing conference and I met hundreds of marketers and this gave me the opportunity to work one on one with a marketer named Henry Gold.

In December of 2005, Henry and I teamed up and we launched a web site called 117ChristmasGifts which is a massive list building giveaway.

We got over 1,000 joint venture partners to participate and at the end of the month had built a list of over 50,000 new members!

In March of 2006 I had literally cracked the AdSense code and was spending money on Google AdWords to send traffic to my sites which had articles and AdSense advertising on them.

By April 2006 I was on track to make $30,000 per month before Google decided to shut me down.

This was a devastating loss for me as I was living relatively high on the hog for a young kid.

I had bought a bunch of new expensive toys including my first car.

It took me several months to recover from that loss and I decided the best way for me to make money was to build my own list.

I did a JV giveaway event and I invited only 10 marketers to participate; we built a list of over 3,000 people in just 7 days.

Within one week of building my list I was one of the top affiliates for a product. I ended up making over $1,000 in commissions and winning a Skype Cordless Phone from my affiliate efforts.

This began a long stream of placing in or winning affiliate competitions.

I brokered hundreds of products for various marketers and spoke at different events. I even started hosting my own events with Jeff Mills every month in the Minneapolis metro.

In 2007 I sold over 100 copies of my own coaching program on joint ventures. I learned that you could get paid upfront before creating a course by offering it as live group coaching.

In 2008 I became a dad; my son Zachary was born.

Becoming a parent has had a tremendous impact on my life and my business as it FORCED me to focus on my priorities.

In 2009 I started doing a lot of high ticket coaching and consulting between $1k-$5K.

I would work with a lot of new marketers and help them build their first email list.

I got invited to speak in London by Mark Anastasi and eventually started having my own events there too.

I started camping fulltime in my own motorhome because I had gotten the travel bug and I wanted to prove that you could make money online from anywhere even in a remote location like a campground.

In 2010 I spoke all over the US, Canada, England, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong.

I also developed a successful site called http://www.SoloAdDirectory.com where I show the results I have from solo ads that I have purchased.

In 2011 my son Connor was born in London.

I had met his mother while speaking in England.

We eventually filled for her to immigrate to the United States so we could get married.

In 2012 after only 6 months of marriage I filled for divorce which led to a nasty custody battle.

I had a team of 4 attorneys working around the clock at hundreds of dollars an hour each and it just sucked my energy and savings and I spiraled into depression.

My divorce was finalized late 2013 my ex-wife and son moved back to England. During my divorce, I had a very hard time focusing on business and essentially it fell apart.

In 2014 I released a bunch of new training products on the WarriorForum/WarriorPlus I ended up having 10 courses in a row get product of the day.

I replenished my savings and even started investing in the stock market again.

I also placed in a ton of affiliate contests and used a lot of paid traffic strategies to market other people’s products in addition to using my list.

I credit much of my success in 2014 to my girlfriend who motivated me to get out of my funk.

In 2014-2020 I focused more on affiliate marketing mainly higher ticket offers and recurring subscription products and only put out a handful of my own products or products with partners.

In 2019 I created a viral funnel which allowed customers of a particular lead gen company to promote with their link hard-coded into the followup emails it so far has generated over 55,000 subscribers for me for free and nearly 5,000 customers for the lead gen company with members paying $30 a month.

It’s now 2020 and I want to take what I’ve learned in my lifetime and help a lot of entrepreneurs achieve the success they are looking for.

If you want to be a successful entrepreneur you need to never give up on your dream, focus on learning new strategies and always provide massive value.

There will be hardships but if you do the right thing you can overcome anything!