Getting in touch with the merchant who offers an affiliate program you are interested in can maximize your sales, as well as save you a lot of time and trouble. When you contact the merchant, tell them what you are doing to promote their product or service and don’t be shy about asking their advice to advance your marketing campaign.

Naturally, no one knows the product better than does the merchant themselves; they will have a lot of knowledge to share on the marketing strategies which other affiliates are using to get sales. Contacting the merchant also displays your interest and dedication to making the affiliate campaign a successful one.

This lets them know that you are enthusiastic about their product – and merchants know that in an affiliate program, more than 90% of their sales are made by less than 5% of the affiliates. A merchant who knows a motivated affiliate when he or she sees one will give you the information and tools you’ll need to build more success for your business and may even give you a higher commission!

Dealing with merchants

If you try to contact a merchant via email and get no response, send them another email. If they still don’t respond, it may be time to rethink this program. If they are less than communicative, it may also indicate that they will be slow about payments as well.

Remember that merchants are prone to making big promises to affiliates and offer a high payout limit, knowing that most affiliates won’t be able to meet the requirements. This is not a good business model for you as an affiliate and you should probably avoid doing business with these merchants.


Always use a professional tone when you communicate with merchants; if you have some suggestions for them, convey this. A lot of merchants like getting feedback from their affiliates and know that they can improve their programs by implementing these suggestions.

A merchant who knows affiliate marketing knows that it is hard to find good affiliates and will treat them well by helping them out with information and other resources, as well as being prompt about payments.

Smart affiliates have much the same mindset and know that merchants want good promotion and strong sales from their affiliates.

To maximize the potential earnings to be had in these partnerships, be professional and understanding when dealing with the merchant. Remember that a successful merchant is often very busy; but will make a point of answering your questions and responding to email – though it may not be instant.

The longer you have a partnership with a merchant, the more you will learn about how they do things; if you are new to affiliate marketing, the merchant can often help you learn the ropes. If you listen to the merchant and are dedicated to the affiliate program, you’ll have a good start towards success.