If you have a blog for your business then you would want
to know how to write a blog post to attract traffic from the
search engines.

The advice you hear most often is to search engine optimize
your posts and write informative posts that educates the reader.

But that only tells you what to do and not how to do it.
Let me explain how you can write a blog post for traffic.

Step 1: Keyword Research

If you already have a topic in your head, don’t write a single
word until you’ve done your keyword research.

The common mistake made by bloggers is writing a post
without doing any keyword research.

If you want to generate more traffic, then you need to have
your posts appear on the first page of the search engine results.

To do that, you need to know what keywords are being
searched for, and your chances of ranking on the first page.

Look for keywords that have over 2,000 searches month and
then type them in the search engines to see what the top ten
search engine listings are. Gather a list of keywords with this criteria.

Step 2: Your Competition

f the top ten listings have an average Page Rank of 3 and are not
filled with huge authority sites such as Wikipedia, then you have
a good chance of ranking on the first page.

For example, if listings number 4,5 and 7 are from websites with
low Page Rank, poor quality content and don’t have many backlinks
to them, then you can easily outrank them.

Step 3: Insert Your Keywords

Now you’re ready to insert your keywords in to your post.
Make sure that the keywords you’re focusing on are placed in:

–         the title of your post
–         the first sentence of your post
–         in the sub-headlines
–         and in the last paragraph

You would naturally repeat the keywords in the middle of

your posts as well but try to keep it within a density of 3%.
e.g. for a 500 word post, repeat the keyword 15 times or less.

Step 4: Insert Pictures

Next you need to insert pictures into your posts to liven things up.
However, try to search engine optimize your image as well.

To do this, name the image file the same as the keywords you’re
focusing on, insert your keywords in the alt tag and make the
image clickable so that it links to a post that is similar to the
keywords that you’re focusing on.

Step 5: Revise

You need to revise your blog post so that it doesn’t sound weird
with all the keywords inserted. Try to re-write some sentences
so that the post flows smoothly.

Once you’ve carried out this process with several posts, look
at your traffic and monitor the performance. If you find that some
posts are on page 2, then build backlinks to these posts to give
them that extra push to the first page of the search engine results.

This is how you search engine optimize your blog posts for traffic.
Content is important but without SEO, not many people will know about it.

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