Did You Know That Applying A Simple Business Principle You Could Beat Your Competitors And Make A Lot Of Money?


  • Lori

    Reply Reply November 13, 2008

    Thanks for the great reminder of how important it is to overdeliver. I know I always tend to buy from those that overdeliver.

  • Paul Counts

    Reply Reply November 13, 2008

    This is a tremendous reminder! Thanks for a great article. What a simple way to create new business. This concept does work, so certainly use it! Love it! Great post!

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  • Ronald L Powell

    Reply Reply November 13, 2008

    To me the problem I see with overdeliver is that a lot of what is being given away is junk. There is so much free information that is sorely outdated and a person trying to leaarn how to succeed in Internet marketing is just bombarded with stuff that does not apply to their particular niche. This is not to say that all the information out there is junk it’s just that if what one is giving away to eventually make a sale is irrelevant, then where is the value in the give away? I own an E-Book store on line and free information on how to sell an “E-Book” does not apply. Internet marketing strategies only apply if it helps me promote my E-Book store online. I can and do promote a number of my E-books in various venues and the rewards for me are in geting traffic to the store and then let the traffic shop around and find the bargains that are revelant to their particular need. My particular niche’s are in marketing your products in forums,marketing your products in podcasting, learning to be a successful currency trader. Free info about weight loss attached to a sales promotion. I’m all for overdelivering, yet my concern is whether my customers need the info that’s free or the info I am trying to sell.That is the question.



  • BarbaraBrooke

    Reply Reply November 13, 2008

    The only thing I have had any success with is
    selling books on Amazon and I think any success
    I have had is due to the fact that I over
    deliver.I only sell books which are new or in
    very good condition and I always send the
    overseas books by airmail. I use good packaging
    and send all customers an email thanking them
    for their order. It seems to be appreciated as I
    get five star ratings all the time. I want to set
    up a business on the internet and apply the same
    principles but I always come up against a brick
    wall when I try to follow their systems and
    don’t know what to do next.I don’t have a web-
    site, don’t have a list apart from my Amazon
    customers, my computer skills are not great
    and most of the time I feel totally inadequate.

  • Luca

    Reply Reply November 13, 2008

    Excellent point. In any business it comes down to service. If you provide great service the cutomers will comw back and also recommend you. I’ve been in sales for most of my life and customer service has always been my priority. I may not have always had the best price but my customers knew they could trust me. It’s the same thing in the online business.

  • PV Reymond

    Reply Reply November 13, 2008

    @Lori if you tend to buy from those that over-deliver then start to apply this principle to make more money.

    @Paul Counts thanks and start applying it.

    @Ronald L Powell try to interact and communicate with your prospects, this way you know what they really want… survey them.

    @BarbaraBrooke Keep doing that way because people appreciate what you do and they buy more from you.

    ^PV Reymond

    PV Reymonds last blog post..Internet Marketing For Newbies… The First Step

  • Jussi Koiranen

    Reply Reply November 13, 2008

    Over delivery is an excellent way to stand out! Other than what is mentioned here is follow-up. If someone buys from you, ask them if they’ve gotten and if they’ve been happy. If you’re selling something that has to be put to use, ask them if they’ve done it and have they had any trouble with it, this goes as much for a new computer, cell-phone as well as a membership site. If something is hard and no help is offered people rather than finding/asking for help just leave it to that. And that isn’t good for your business. If they had trouble which you helped them solve, they’ll have a good story to tell.

  • Mike Silva

    Reply Reply November 13, 2008

    The point about overdelivering is a good one as long as what you are delivering is of high perceived value.

    A very successful marketer friend of mine has a different approach than most. He overdelivers with every sale he makes but does not announce it at any time during the sale.

    Instead he just delivers it along with the product purchased with a simple request that if they were to find the added item of value that they stop by his blog and post a comment.

    It is a very simple win/win situation.

    Mike Silvas last blog post..Introducing BreezeMaxWeb

  • Timothy Millar

    Reply Reply November 13, 2008

    Great Post PV, Nice follow up comment Jussi. one
    thing about the over delivering, you can do it all with one product just graduate the levels as you go, from PDF to Coaching Seminar. Have a wonderful day. Timothy Millar

    Timothy Millars last blog post..JV Source

  • Sheri Swartz

    Reply Reply November 14, 2008

    Over delivering is an excellent point. Being in sales for more than 15 years, my mantra is “Always bring something of value to your prospects” Keep in mind, what you find as valuable may not be what your prospects consider valuable. Sometimes a little experimentation works wonders.

  • Ari Lestariono

    Reply Reply November 14, 2008

    Reed in my honest opinion over delivering has many ways and if it is not taken good care in the hand of business master’s this over delivering issues is just putting trash in some one mind share.I have seen a lot in my 15 years experience as Sales in Oil and Gas Industry where the OEM put lot’s of effort modifying updated technology and improved, yet the approach by these giant corporate were too arrogant and customer’s don’t like it, In my humble opinion and simply what works on field in marketing is just do your best to promote and improve quality of products and do the best to answer or aftermarket’s with client also fast feedback, that way the customer mind share have the granted to know us early if something come up pertinent to problem solving.That’s all

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  • normz2

    Reply Reply November 14, 2008

    Another good post. I have to agree with the other comments. In todays economy you have to stand out. If you give plenty of value, then you will get repeat customers.

  • michael.f

    Reply Reply November 14, 2008

    Sure you get to keep what you give away

    michael.fs last blog post..The NY Jets

  • PV Reymond

    Reply Reply November 14, 2008

    @Luca I agree with you, it is the same thing online and offline. If your customers are happy with your service you’ll always make money.

    @Jussi Koiranen good point.

    @Mike Silva yes you can add unannounced bonuses to your product, it is a way to Over-deliver.

    @Timothy Millar thank you.

    @Sheri Swartz you have a good mantra

    @Ari Lestariono when you Over-deliver you have to keep your customers and prospects needs in mind, this is crucial.

    @normz2 that’s right you need to do something to have your customers always coming back to you.

    @michael.f that’s correct

    ^PV Reymond

    PV Reymonds last blog post..Internet Marketing For Newbies… The First Step

  • Geoff Dodd

    Reply Reply November 14, 2008

    Thanks PVR – you’re already surpassing my expectations with your quality info 🙂

    I experienced this recently with Stompernet who gave away STSE 2.0 and the value was tremendous. You are right that it creates trust and love as a result of the giving.

    I’m now giving away $397 worth of software with a simple $29 affiliate program that pays me $20. I have to address skepticism and utter ‘disbelief’. 🙂
    Geoff Dodd, Australia

  • Brahim El Mouaddin

    Reply Reply November 14, 2008

    You are so great the info that you overgive is very useful . your style is neat and convincing . None would ever think that ” too much of something is bad enough ” . In internet marketing it’s not the case . It calls for generosity more than seeking profits and profits alone . Customizing the clients must be the cue to success for a wise marketer.
    congratulations !

  • Widiantoro

    Reply Reply November 15, 2008

    Yep.. I’m newbie in this online business, so I can’t give opinion, but in offline business i still carry on trust and after sales service and easy to call (I’m a programmer), so if there is customer complain about my software, i must fix it until they satisfied, cause they problem can be solve.

    Widiantoros last blog post..The Google Guidelines

  • PV Reymond

    Reply Reply November 15, 2008

    @Geoff Dodd appreciate your words. There are many examples out there of people achieving great results due to the fact that they over-deliver. Keep giving away your software.

    @Brahim El Mouaddin agree with you.

    @Widiantoro it’s a business and you have to incorporate all the things you do offline if you want to be successful.

    ^PV Reymond

    PV Reymonds last blog post..Internet Marketing For Newbies… The First Step

  • admin

    Reply Reply November 15, 2008

    Thanks PV and everyone who commented.

  • Bob Burns

    Reply Reply November 16, 2008


    Thanks for your insight! Yes I believe that you have to appreciate your clients more and more these days. There is a lot of competition on the internet. You almost have to an expert in: your niche, internet marketing, SEO, Adwords, etc. So when you get a client, make sure you keep them because you work too hard to lose them.

    Keeping It Real!
    Bob Burns

  • Jussi Koiranen

    Reply Reply November 17, 2008

    This post and especially the commentary has been a truly interesting to read and re-read. One point I really appreciate from you Reymond is the way you’ve done follow-up with comments.
    @ thanks Timothy Millar
    @ thanks PV Reymond

  • PV Reymond

    Reply Reply November 18, 2008

    @Bob Burns thank you

    @Jussi Koiranen thank you, I appreciate your words.

    ^PV Reymond

    PV Reymonds last blog post..Internet Marketing For Newbies… The First Step

  • Informative post, thank you.

  • delords

    Reply Reply December 5, 2008

    Thanks PV REYMOND,
    Thats a great Topic,
    The Internet is filled with lots of competitors and people tend to go to where they can get served well so over delivering is a sure way to get these people and it does work and build trust for you if you keep doing it,

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    The Product is Yanik Silver’s 14-Point Web Copy Analysis.
    You can get it too by going to my blog

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  • software

    Reply Reply May 30, 2009

    I was searching for downloads and found your blog in google. Read some of your posts and they are interesting and informative. Thanks.

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