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Whatever you have heard about affiliate marketing, money does cross your palm without having to work for it.

Let’s face it – it is not possible for everyone involved to earn between five and ten thousand dollars each month due to the fact that there is simply too much competition around.

Bearing this is mind; you will find extremely useful tips listed below as far as making money on the Internet using affiliate marketing programs is concerned.

1. Using Google and Yahoo

The days of free traffic are not totally over but they are fast becoming a thing of the past and creating a web page which will score well in the search engines often presents quite a difficult task.

By paying per click with Google and Yahoo, the top three positions on the most important search engines can be yours.  If generating traffic from Yahoo is what you are after, all you have to do is make sure you appear at the top of Google.

2.  Your Own Email List

Rather than sending traffic away and crossing your fingers it is advisable to put out multiple offers to your own email list.  A residual income can be achieved by using this method of building up your business.

3.  Your Own Affiliate Program

If, for example, you were aware that each form filled out on your website produces .50 cents, how keen would you be to pay someone .25 cents to do the same job of generating traffic to your site for you?  This method of using others to attract traffic on your behalf is the most overlooked method, yet it is so useful.

One way or another, paying for traffic is unavoidable and investing wisely in advertising is necessary to secure a good income.