Affiliate Marketing is one of the easier ways to make money over the web. Affiliate marketing is a business partnership on the revenue sharing model between a merchant with products or services to offer and an affiliate who is interested in marketing these products or services.

Affiliates promote and advertise the wares offered by the merchant and is paid a commission for each referral they make which leads to a purchase.  Until a sale is made, no commission will be received by the affiliate in most affiliate marketing programs. The affiliate may be paid per sale, by the number of visits they direct to the merchant (called pay-per-click) or per visitor who signs up for a mailing list (pay-per-lead).

An affiliate program can bring income to affiliates which may be anywhere between a few dollars to thousands. The earning potential of an affiliate marketer is limited only by the amount of effort the affiliate is willing to put into their marketing work. It’s a great way to make money online and best of all, you don’t need to make or store the products yourself. You can make money merely by advertising the merchant’s products and services effectively. The profits usually are not large at first; but they can snowball as you get things going.

To maximize profits, affiliate marketers have plenty of options. Ask affiliate marketers how many affiliate checks they’d like to receive and the answer will invariably be “as many as I can”. A lot of affiliate checks are small; $25 or less.

Some affiliate checks are much larger, being in the thousands. In the ling run, these checks can add up to a truly impressive number. You won’t make a fortune overnight though; it will take determination and hard work on your part. You have to find ways to drive large amounts of traffic to your site if you want to get the conversion rate which will lead to large commissions for you.

How many affiliate checks do you want to receive? Of course, as many as you can. Is affiliate marketing as easy as it might seem? If you join up with a lot of different affiliate programs, does this mean that you are assured a large number of affiliate checks which will equal wealth? Sadly, no. Many newcomers to the affiliate marketing world assume that more must be better and sign up for many different programs. Since it’s easy (and almost always free) to sign up, they make the assumption that there’s nothing to lose, so why not? The problem is that they then do not give their affiliate marketing efforts the amount of time and attention they need to generate real income for them. This means that they are more than likely to be disappointed with the return they receive from these affiliate programs.

If you want to have multiple streams of income, you should focus on one affiliate program at a time. Pick a product r service you feel strongly about and can do a good job of promoting. The best affiliate programs to get involved in are ones where you personally us the product. Prospects will be able to feel your enthusiasm, making you a more credible source and a better salesperson for the product or service.

Once you are making a good amount of income from this first affiliate program, then you can get involved in a second; remember to put just as much effort into your second endeavor. Joining too many affiliate programs at once without giving a lot of attention to any is not a viable strategy for generating multiple streams of income.    Remember, the idea is not just to get a lot of affiliate checks, but to get a lot of large affiliate checks. That’s why you shouldn’t move on to another affiliate program until you are satisfied with thee income you are making from the one you already are involved in. The way to succeed in affiliate marketing is with determination and work – this is the key to getting those big affiliate checks you want.