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Do you notice some entrepreneurs selling information products such as
ebooks for $20, and still manage to live an extravagant life style?
Were they born rich or did they manage to sell 50,000 copies of the

This is when you have to look at things a lot deeper and find out
where the profits are coming from.

It’s very possible to make millions online just by selling ebooks
costing $30 or even $20. As long as you sell a lot in the back end.

Here’s how it works:

1. You create a kick-ass information product with some of the best
information you have. Really try to make this a quality product.

2. Inside the ebook have your own affiliate links to products, software
and services. When your readers buy from the links, you get paid.
This is extra income which you can make on autopilot. Just set it
up and forget.

3. Contact as many business owners as you can. Ask them to provide
bonuses to you to make your product look more attractive.
Business owners will agree as long as your customers download
the bonuses from their website โ€“ they’re getting a list of buyers so
it’s a huge win for them.

4. Your objective is to try to sell as many products as possible.
Offer super affiliates like Reed Floren 75% or more
of the commissions. If you can afford it, give them 100% of
the commissions.

You can also sell your product using Adwords even if it means
breaking even and not making a profit with your ebook.

This may sound like a suicidal deal…but read on. I’ll explain how the
experts make a boatload of money using this strategy.

With a lot people buying your ebook, you can now really start to sell them.
Now that you have a list of customers who have bought your product
and are happy with it, you can…

1. Offer them an audio version of the ebook for $20 extra.

2. After a week or so, offer them a video tutorial explaining the
information in your ebook in much more depth. You can sell training
videos for $47.

3. Have a membership where your customers are automatically signed up
after they buy your ebook. Provide valuable content, videos and
interviews every month.

Offer the first month free and then charge $27 to access the information
every month. If the first month’s content is good, your customers
will stay on and gladly pay the membership fee.

4. You can sell a part 2 of your ebook to your customers.
You won’t need to pay commissions with these sales.
100% of the profits are yours.

5. Offer your time for consultation. You can mentor a group of 4
for $100 per hour. Offer personal consultation at a much higher price.

You will know who your premium customers are from the sales.
These are people who are willing to pay a lot of money. Treat them
like your best friend.

6. Create a physical version of your ebook. Provide CDs of recorded
interviews, workbooks and DVDs of you presenting the material.
You can sell these for $199 each easily. Again, you get 100% of
the profits.

7. With your list of customers continue to communicate with them
regularly and occasionally recommend products with your affiliate
links in them.

Depending on the size of your list and your relationship with them,
each promotional email can earn you thousands of dollars.

Now take a step back and look at all the different ways you can sell
to your customers on the back end. Do you see why it doesn’t matter
even if you lose money with your front end product?

When you see a well-known business selling a cheap product that’s too
good to be true, you’ll know that he’s running a successful
information products business. And the funny thing is, you can do
this easily with the right information on how to build an information
products business.

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