Hot Girls + Free Ice Cream + Internet Marketing?

Have you ever been to a Dickey’s BBQ Pit?
If not, it’s a franchise fast food barbecue shack
and I highly recommend you check it out.

I had a pulled pork sandwich and one of my
favorite things about Dickey’s is they give you
some extras.

At the condiments area you can grab a nice large
pickle and for a dessert you can have a free ice
cream cone.

Personally, I really like that idea as it’s an unannounced
bonus and quite frankly it doesn’t cost Dickey’s that
much to create this goodwill. In fact the reason we
went to Dickey’s yesterday was because of the free
ice cream, because it was about 95 degrees out.

Anyways in walks this absolutely stunning woman.

I’m sure she’s a model or at least on television. If not
she should be.

Literally all the men in the restaurant just stared. Heck,
even my mother was talking about how attractive this
woman was after we left.

I really love having have my own business that let’s me
spend time with my family whenever I want and I get to
randomly see beautiful women while out and about.

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Reed Floren

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