Please keep in mind I wrote this awhile back, I believe the search engines are still connected to each other this way. If someone else has new information feel free to correct me.
Search engines have changed a lot over the last several years. The technology has changed drastically and many search engines have also formed partnerships with other search engines. You may be searching on a given search engine when in reality another one could be coming up with the results.

There are many search engines in existence today. They conduct searches based on the keywords you provide them in your web content.

The Yahoo search engine gives results for Alta Vista and All The Web as well as results from its own Yahoo search engine. It also displays paid listings from what was formerly known as Overture. These listings are now obtained through Yahoo Search Marketing.

Google displays results from AOL and Netscape search engines. You can also buy paid listings from Google and they also supply them to Lycos, Netscape, Ask, HotBot, and AOL. The secondary results from Google go to the HotBot search engine. The information it collects for its directory data comes from DMOZ. All this is in addition to providing their search results.

Lycos, like Google also receive their directory data from DMOZ. They get paid listings and also secondary results from Ad Words which is a Google program. Their primary search results come from Ask.

HotBot gets their directory search results from DMOZ also. They get their secondary and paid search results with Google Ad Words. The primary search results are obtained from the Ask search engine.

Ask is another one that gets their directory listings from DMOZ. They get their paid listings from Google Adwords and the primary ones from HotBot and Lycos in addition to their results. Their secondary search results come from the Teoma search engine.

Everyone turns to the search engines if they want to find something. If you are not on the first couple of pages, you do not exist. Itโ€™s not as hard as you think to get in the results on a search. Build a good website and take the time to search some of your content on a search engine, you may be pleasantly surprised.