It is normal for every one to have feelings of doubts, fears and insecurities sometimes. But when you face a serious situation wherein you feel you are cornered in one side and you think there is no way out, you would just wish you are somebody else. It is always a common thinking of every one that other people are much better than ones self. But the truth is, every one has his own doubts and fears.

How we look at ourselves is important in our personal being. We tend to look at other people and find what is good in them and wish we have the same features as they have. We did not realize that others are feeling the same way about our good personalities too. We never look for what is good in us as others see it and neglect the qualities of our own uniqueness. As a result, we deprive ourselves of the right self-esteem that is due ourselves, instead, all we give ourselves is disappointment and discouragement.

Have you realized now what you made yourself because of those wrong thinking? What are you planning now to do to help yourself out in that poor self impression? To guide you to your way out, why not try to improve yourself by starting to appreciate what lovely qualities you possess?

The first step to self improvement is to accept your own being as yourself. Concentrate on your personalities and forget the features you envy from others. Focus on your own features and develop those that need development. Be determined to change what you can change in yourself. If some features are impossible to change, just put in mind that these features are your own unique assets and that nobody else has it except you and only you. Appreciate yourself, love yourself, be proud of yourself, and respect yourself. Once you do, insecurities and fears will eventually leave you and personality improvements will follow naturally.

Improving one’s self is so important especially with respect to our social environment. Dealing with our family, friends, co-workers, and other people would be difficult if we have poor personality. For example, when you are applying for a position in one respected company, you would need self confidence to attest to the boss that you are qualified for the job. If you lack this important personality, you will end up losing great opportunities. Likewise to your family, if you already have children and you want to discipline them, how can you do it if you yourself are worst than them.

One hard step yet very helpful to self improvement is to open up your self to a friend. Ask your friend all the uncomfortable questions about yourself that you think are weird. A trusted friend will tell you honestly what qualities you need to develop and what poor personalities you need to improve. Be open-minded as you listen and appreciate the honesty of your friend. Once your friend realized how much you want yourself to be improved, he would then support you until the end.

Every one has his own imperfections but some were able to succeed despite of all the imperfections. It’s all a matter of self acceptance, contentment, and how you improved yourself. Improving your own personality would also improve other people who look up to you.