As soon as you have signed up for what you consider to be a great opportunity as far as an affiliate program is concerned, you will have a firm plan of action, have chosen your banners and prepared all other materials for marketing the product.

Even at this stage though, you may encounter set backs in the development of marketing strategies and find yourself despairing at why everything is not running smoothly.

Detailed below you will find some of the most frequent concerns which have an effect on leads, sales and commissions.

Soggy Cookies

Many merchants use cookies to track your referrals.ย  This allows those customers who do not make a purchase on their initial visit to be tagged with your ID, enabling you to receive the credit should they buy at a later date.

The lifespan of the cookies vary from one merchant to another, some only lasting for a single session whilst others go on and on for years.

Unfortunately for you, if the visitor makes a habit of flushing their cookies regularly, has software to block cookies, or if the merchants program is not functioning properly there is very little you can do about the situation.

Multiple Payment Methods

If you have chosen to join an affiliate program via a network which processes payments for products on the merchant’s behalf, you will find the merchant offers numerous ways to make payment.ย  This, of course, is great for the customer but not so clever for you as an affiliate.

You should always thoroughly research the products and services of the merchant’s website prior to commencing with advertisements as an affiliate of a network. If you are feeling doubtful about any aspect you need to get in touch with the merchant before going any further to clarify things.

Monitoring Your Arrangements

It is essential to keep an eye on the merchant site for any changes which may affect your income. Although the majority of merchants are honest and above board, it is not unheard of for problems to arise with their software from time to so regular checks on cookies etc are advisable.