Interview with Chad Hamzeh Creator of New Economy Franchising

I did an interview with my friend Chad Hamzeh on his new product New Economy Franchising. Chad has put together a complete business in a box which teaches you how to get traffic that converts, and he provides you with the tools & training so you can start growing your business so you can earn while your learn.

You can download a copy of our interview here.

Reed: Hey, it’s Reed Floren, and I’m with my friend Chad Hamzeh. Chad are you there?

Chad: Yes, I am Reed, how is it going?

Reed: Oh, pretty good, and yourself?

Chad: I’m doing great.

Reed: Awesome. I know that you’ve got a really interesting career, both on and offline. And for those who maybe are listening and haven’t to met you before, can you share a little bit about your story?

Chad: Yes, really quick. So I started marketing, I’m not a newbie, but I started pretty late, so a late bloomer I guess, got back in 2008, and my wife were living in Thailand, we were fighting and training full time. I was an MMA fighter, I got 18 fights total. So, we over fight it, and trained full time. I was burned out on my corporate job, I said, let’s just go to Thailand, to see what I can do with this.

And about 10 months into it, my dad got really sick, I got an email that my dad was sick, so I headed back home, and I was definitely afraid again back into a cubical, I just didn’t want to do it. A year abroad will do that to you. So, I basically, at that point, I started just trying to learn how to make money online, I know it sounds like kind of weird, you know, I’m like that guy, that story, that people think as fake, but it’s actually real in my case.

And I started just doing pay per click marketing, and after that, I mean, in my first 59 days were really going hard at it, I generated about $92,000 gross, and a half of that was profit, so I thought, you know, this is probably better than going back to work. (I would say). I’ve never got paid that in my whole jobs, so I figure, you know, I’ll keep going. I was doing mostly affiliate marketing at the time.

And since then, those 3 years, I developed my own products, in and outside of the IM niche, like weight loss stuff as well, and that sort of thing. I do take on sometimes clients for media buying, it’s very few, I don’t do that too often. I am more like just  ‘learn while I earn’, and I respect that. And yes, the things are great, I still run traffic every day, and you know, lot of people have made lot of money what I thought them, so everything is great, I can’t complaint.

Reed: Awesome. I know you’ve been working on something new. Can you tell us a little bit about that?

Chad: Yes, absolutely. This is really cool, so, it’s called New Economy Franchising. And my partner, his name is Mark Mottershead, I always say his name wrong, his name is Mark, and he approached me maybe a year and a bit ago about creating a program, that would, this is what how it started, It would teach MLMers how to get leads online. So, I kind of, looked into the market, I was like, OK, that will be interesting.

But we retooled the entire thing. We did that for a bit, and I’m like, you know what, we were both like, you know, how can we make it so it’s not just for MLMers, not just for this segment, it’s just for people who want to make, build their business online, get their own leads, build their own brand up, that sort of thing. But almost make like a business in a box. And that’s what we did, that’s what we came out with new economy franchising.

And it’s launching pretty quick here. And essentially what it is, it’s a business in a box, we provide offers, one of them is our own, we also provide couple other residual offers that people can make residual income with a going forward. We offer about 11 hours of training, so there is a lot of my top in traffic stuff. I talk about mobile traffic, I talk about sell ads, I talk about Facebook, media buying, that sort of stuff. But on top of that we had the stuff to do with copywriting, business management, positioning with your list, building your relationships, story telling, all that sort of stuff.

It’s one of the most complete business in a box type of thing. I’ve seen, because we also give the templates, we give a landing pages, and we also offering done for you traffic and leads. That’s kind of benefit of being able to generate so much traffic, and generate so much leads regularly. You know, we can plug peoples lead capture pages into our traffic flow, and we can actually build their prospect list up as well. So, it’s pretty cool, it’s very unique, and we’re really excited about it, absolutely.

Reed: OK, so they get templates, so they can start driving traffic to that immediately. They get information on how to drive traffic, and they learn how to actually run a real business.

Chad: Yes, exactly.

Reed: That’s incredible, putting all in one package.

Chad: It’s all in one package. The done free leads obviously, there is going to be an extra cost, simply because it simply cost me, a few dollars to generate every lead. Right, so, there is 2 ways you can go, but you can get junk leads, and that doesn’t help anybody.

Or we can buy the traffic from the exact same sources I’ll be buying my own traffic, which I am. And we’re going to be using that traffic as well. So, it’s that aspect of it is really cool. But yes, even just the base package of it is just, it’s just a big over delivering. I thought my old course traffic black book was but people has gone into this program already, our first group of beta testers, and they just were blown away, they just couldn’t believe what was included in that sort of stuff.

Reed: It sounds like an insane package and if it’s really hard for anyone to fail doing this, cause there is so much going on, and so much success, like it can happen from modeling what you’ve been doing, cause I’ve been watching you for a good year or so. And I’ve seen what you’ve done. It’s really exciting to see, and now that you’re helping other people to do the exact same thing, that’s really cool.

Chad: That was an intention to lower a failure down to as much as we can. So, it came to the point where it was just like, how can we just get everything done for people, but at the same time the formula wasn’t the same time, to build somebody else’s business up.

Right, so we didn’t want to just get up bunch of people into the program, and they build our thing up. The idea was to give the flexibility where they can communicate with their prospects well, and they can get their story, or get their brand. Everybody’s got a unique angle on it, so you’re going to appeal to some prospects better than others. So, we provide, I didn’t mention, we provide auto responder series and all that, but we always strongly recommend that somebody rewrite their, not rewrite it all, but personalize it, because that’s going to let their voice kind of shine true, and that sort of thing, and get the stronger bond with their list.

Reed: That is really cool. What if someone go about getting this?

Chad: So, what we’ve done is, for you guys, you can go to, so it’s, and we’re launching it to a bigger audience pretty quick here, for a 23rd, and we expect a lot of people to take advantage of it, and the cool thing about that is, is one of those things, the more people jump on it, the stronger it will actually become, even for those that start working system. Because we build it up, so it’s kind of perpetual. So, everyone kind of benefits of everything at once. So, it’s very unique in that respect.

Reed: Awesome, it sounds like an incredible deal. And for those of you guys are listening, you guys need to jump on this. Go to that website, check it out, see if it is for you, and buy it. I’ve watched Chad for last years. He’s awesome, he does some really cool stuff, really unique things that you don’t see other marketers doing. And I know you’re going to learn something.

Chad: Absolutely.

Get your copy of New Economy Franchising here

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